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Black Sea

Russia Begins Military Exercises in Black Sea

MOSCOW – Russia has begun military exercises in the Black Sea, which involves more than 10 ships and aircraft, the press service of the Black Sea Fleet reported Tuesday.
The message states that ships’ companies will conduct training “on trawling, naval combat, search and destruction of the submarine, detecting and striking at the coastal command post, defending of hypothetical enemy’s aerial attack.”
Germany and four other NATO members signed a document in Hamburg, which is set to strengthen co-operation aimed at protecting maritime routes in the English Channel and the North Sea, according to Deutsche Welle.
NATO intends to strengthen its position in the North Sea and the English Channel in order to be ready to repel Russia’s threat: The relevant provisions are contained in an agreement signed on Thursday, November 7 by heads of naval forces of Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium and the Netherlands in Hamburg.
The document seeks to develop military cooperation between the aforementioned NATO member states within the NATO Advisory Body – Channel Committee (CHANCOM).
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