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Russia to Speed Up Testing of Hypersonic Zircon Anti-Ship Missile

MOSCOW – Russia will speed up the pace of test launches by sea carriers of the hypersonic anti-ship cruise missile Zircon, BulgarianMilitary.com learned, citing the report from the Russian military-industrial complex.
According to the cited report, Russia plans to fire the missile from submarines and frigates this year.
“It is planned to increase the rate of fire of a hypersonic missile onboard aircraft carriers as part of the product condition tests. Shooting from Yasen-type submarines will begin this year in tandem with a series of ongoing launches by Admiral Gorshkov,” a source at the TASS defense industrial complex said.
Another source confirmed this information to the agency. According to him, the first tests of a hypersonic missile on an underwater vehicle will be carried out from the Severodvinsk submarine, they will first be fired from the surface.
The engineering NGO (part of the Tactical Missile Arms Corporation) declined to comment on the information to the agency.
The hypersonic anti-ship cruise missile Zircon or 3M22 (NATO classification SS-N-33) comprises the 3K22 complex. Its main difference from other anti-ship missiles of Russian and foreign production has become much higher (up to 8 Mach or 9800 km / h) the speed of flight.
As the developer previously explained, the main flight of the rocket takes place at an altitude of 30 to 40 kilometers, where the air resistance is low, allowing the Zircon to accelerate at hypersonic speeds and cover a distance of up to 600 kilometers. According to other sources, the range of the missile can reach 1000 kilometers.
The length of the Zircon rocket is 8 to 10 meters, the weight of the warhead is 300 to 400 kilograms, which is less than that of the P-800 Onyx missiles.
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