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Salman Khan

Salman Khan’s Father Claims Muslims Don’t Need a Mosque

MUMBAI – Salim Khan, renowned Indian director and dad of megastar Salman Khan, has come forth to offer his two cents on the Babri Mosque verdict of the Indian top court, stating that Muslims do not need a place of worship.
In his media talk, the popular scriptwriter claimed that a school should be built instead of building the mosque on the site allotted by the Indian Supreme Court.
He said it was historic, hailing the verdict, and Muslims should move forward.
He also added that love and forgiveness are two virtues of Islam as defined by the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).
“So now, after the’ Beginning’ of this tale [Ayodhya dispute], Muslims will stick to these two principles and step forward.”
“It is commendable that peace and harmony are sustained after such a sensitive verdict has been announced. Let’s agree… a very old dispute has been resolved. I support the decision from the center of my heart,” Salim Khan informed IANS.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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