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Shooters Attack PSX Building in Pakistan

Shooters Attack PSX Building in Pakistan

KARACHI, Pakistan – At least seven people were killed after shooters stormed the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) in the southern city of Karachi on Monday, shooting indiscriminately upon entering the building complex, rescue officials said.
Four attackers broke into the building at 10 a.m. (05:00 GMT) Monday morning when the trade started, carrying hand grenades and firing automatic rifles.
The four attackers were killed by police and security forces that responded to the attack, said Faisal Edhi, head of Edhi’s charity and ambulance service that serves the city.
“The attackers were carrying hand grenades with them. Two of them were killed at the door and two more inside the building complex,” said Edhi, whose office is across from PSX in Karachi’s central business district.
“We heard explosions [from our building],” he said.
Among the dead are the four attackers, a police officer and two civilians, Edhi said. Seven others were also wounded in the attack, he said.
Senior Police Officer Sharjeel Kharal told reporters outside the PSX building that the security operation to clean up the building was complete.
“Right now, the information is from four [attackers], all four killed. One deputy inspector died, and three policemen were wounded, and two of the stock exchange guards were also wounded,” he said.
“We are all terrified,” said Abid Habib, director of the Pakistan Stock Exchange.
“There was shooting and everything, and suddenly everyone ran to the windows to see what was going on.”
“Because the shooting was close, everyone was very concerned, and we closed our outer doors.”
Security forces responded to the attack, and paramilitary Rangers were cleaning the building, Habib said.
PSX is Pakistan’s leading stock exchange, with more than 2,000 employees regularly working in the building for the Stock Exchange and associated trading companies.
Employee participation was lower on Monday due to the coronavirus pandemic, and many companies chose to allow their workers to work from home, Habib said.
Operations on the PSX continued without interruption during Monday’s attack, traders and equity analysts told Al Jazeera, as the stock exchange operates through an online system.
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