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'Super cinema' is the future of the global film industry

‘Super Cinema’ is the Future of the Global Film Industry

BEIJING – Jack Gao, CEO of Smart Cinema, insists that his Smart Cinema innovations will bring more potential to film markets around the world by distributing and showing movies online and offline. The first such super cinema was recently launched in Chengdu in cooperation with the Chengdu Jinsha cinema chain.
A film industry executive is implementing his vision for the future of cinema by advocating and establishing a global “super cinema” which he hopes will provide better survival chances for filmmakers and cinemas.
The Rural Digital Film Company of Chengdu Jinsha Cinema Chain is the service provider for showing films in rural areas, communities, schools and construction sites. Most film distributors have so far neglected rural markets and are unwilling to sell distribution rights to rural places for screenings. In contrast, the urban film market has experienced declining attendance for years.
With Smart Cinema technology, the cinema system can allow people to watch movies either through outdoor screenings or even on their mobile phones. Through these dual-platform views, people in rural areas can also watch educational films on scientific topics such as greenhouse planting and pest control; movies that cannot be shown in commercial theatres.
“What smart cinema does is enable cinema to serve everyone, especially people who have not had the opportunity to enter traditional cinemas. These people make up more than half of China’s total population,” Gao said, adding that this is not the case. A problem not only for China but for the whole world.
“Eighty per cent of theatre seats are empty in the world.”
Gao also said that most Chinese films have no chance of hitting theatres because the number of theatres is limited and commercial blockbusters still dominate the channels. While many felt this posed a crisis for the industry, Gao saw an opportunity.
Former group executive Dalian Wanda has spent the past two years showcasing Smart Cinema at various film events and festivals, with many industry veterans expressing their enthusiasm for what the new technology could accomplish.
The innovative app launched two and a half years ago, turns smartphones into pocket-sized cinema screens, delivering theatrical releases via the internet and including additional services such as personalization, socialization and scheduling flexibility.
It also undermines Hollywood’s monopoly on global distribution.
Finally, the conventional one screen for many audience models adapts to the one-to-one model of Smart Cinema to be ready for VR, AR, interactive and immersive personalized services in the future.
“The United States is facing a seriously divided and fragmented situation, which will severely affect the user experience,” Gao told China.org.cn, stressing that a moviegoer must buy all services to avoid missing new movies. “What’s next for streaming services? Will there be some new Google and Yahoo! to collect and embed all these new movies? A user doesn’t care where a film comes from, he wants to see a movie on a Platform movie.”
Smart Cinema does not have to worry about how much to pay for distribution and broadcast rights. This is because it does not depend on copyright trading like almost every other video streaming site does, most of which are losing money and have seen no profit.
Instead, Smart Cinema acts as a one-stop-shop mobile-device online cinema experience, selling tickets, showing movies, and sharing revenues directly with distributors.
After being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, Chinese theatres, as well as cinemas around the world, must find a way to evolve. In April, Universal Pictures released its “Trolls World Tour” online, in turn, shocking AMC Theaters called for a boycott of the film.
Then, in late July, AMC Theaters and Universal announced that they had reached an agreement that would allow certain films to debut on home entertainment platforms.
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