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UN Releases Measures to Prevent the Next Pandemic

UN releases measures to prevent next pandemic

NEW YORK – The global reluctance to prevent viral outbreaks would continue to claim lives and disrupt the economy, a report warned, recommending a set of actions necessary to control epidemics in the future. The researchers suggested implementing the “One Health” concept of ensuring good human and animal health for …

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Iran UN Envoy Urges Lifting of Sanctions Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Iran UN envoy urges lifting of sanctions amid COVID-19 pandemic

NEW YORK – Iran’s ambassador and permanent representative to the United Nations, Majid Takht Ravanchi, has stressed the need to lift unilateral sanctions that are weakening the ability of selected countries to effectively respond to the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Takht Ravanchi commented as he addressed a meeting …

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UN Security Council Adopts Ceasefire Resolution Amid Pandemic

UN Security Council adopts ceasefire resolution amid pandemic

NEW YORK – The UN Security Council, in a videoconference meeting on July 1, announced its decision to adopt a resolution expressing its support for the Secretary-General’s call for a global ceasefire, which it issued in March to help unite efforts to fight COVID-19 in most vulnerable countries. The UN …

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Pakistan, China Establish A Joint Mechanism to Tackle COVID-19

Pakistan, China establish joint mechanism to tackle Covid-19

BEIJING – Pakistan and China officially established a joint preventive control mechanism on COVID-19 to strengthen coordination and exchanges between the two countries, as well as to promote cooperation while maintaining a continuous response in the long fight against the virus, the Chinese ministry of foreign affairs spokesperson said Wednesday. …

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COVID-19 Chance to Structural Reform in Pakistan: WB

Covid 19 chance to strucrural reform in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD – The World Bank (WB) has said that Pakistan is not immune to the economic shock caused by the coronavirus and its exports have been greatly affected, since the country registered $1.39 billion in merchandise exports in May 2020, showing a drop in 34 percent over the same period …

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Over Half A Million COVID-19 Deaths Worldwide

Over half a million Covid-19 deaths worldwide

More than half a million people worldwide have lost their lives to the coronavirus, and more than 10 million cases have been confirmed. The grim milestone reached when countries that tried to reopen continued to cut back on their plans while warning that renewed spikes in the virus may still …

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