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Macron’s Party Suffers A Significant Loss in French Polls

Macron's Party Suffers A Significant Loss in French Polls

PARIS – The ruling party of French President Emmanuel Macron suffered a significant defeat in the municipal elections held on Sunday. According to exit polls, the Republic on the Move (LREM) party lost large cities while Europe Ecology, the Green Party (EELV), won in Lyon, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Poitiers, Besancon and …

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Macron, Trump Agree on Need for ‘in Person’ G7 Summit


WASHINGTON – French President Emmanuel Macron supported US President Donald Trump’s call for a G-7 summit in person at Washington or Camp David to discuss the new Coronavirus crisis and the measures needed to reopen its global economy, said Trump in a statement. “President Trump and President Macron discussed progress …

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Merkel Warns Coronavirus Crisis is “Just the Start”

Merkel Warns

BERLIN – German Chancellor Angela Merkel said her country should remain “smart and cautious” in dealing with the coronavirus crisis, because “this is not the final phase but it is only the beginning”. “We will be with her for a long time,” she warned the Parliament, before an EU video …

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Japan Declares A State of Emergency; Top 2M Global Cases

Japan declares state of emergency; global cases top 2M

TOKYO – Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared a nationwide state of emergency on Thursday when the number of coronavirus cases worldwide exceeded 2 million. The state of emergency now covers the whole country two weeks after Abe’s publication of a declaration in Tokyo and in six prefectures. Japan has …

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Macron and Trump Declare Truce in Digital Tax Dispute


PARIS – French President Emmanuel Macron said Monday he had a “great conversation” with US President Donald Trump about a digital tax planned by Paris and said the two countries would work together to avoid raising tariffs. Macron and Trump agreed to suspend a possible tariff war until the end …

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Libya Summit: Participants Agree to Respect Arms Embargo


BERLIN – World leaders pledge not to supply arms to the warring parties as peace negotiations in Germany unite all parties. Countries interested in the long-standing conflict in Libya have agreed to stop providing military support to belligerents for the duration of the ceasefire. German Chancellor Angela Merkel made the …

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France Deploys an Aircraft Carrier in the Middle East


PARIS – French President Emmanuel Macron said that France will deploy the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and its battle group from January to April to support French military operations in the Middle East. He further said, that, the aircraft carrier will support Chammal (Middle East) operations from January to …

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