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New Governors Appointed, Cabinet Member Not Finalized

New Governors Appointed, Cabinet Members Not Finalized

KABUL – The Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) on Wednesday said that eleven governors have been appointed by the Afghan government in less than three months. The IDLG spokesperson said that the appointments were made on the basis of separate orders by the president and in response to the …

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Ghani Appoints New Governors for Five Provinces

Ghani appoints new governors for five provinces

KABUL – President Ashraf Ghani has appointed new governors for five provinces of Afghanistan, the Independent Directorate of the Local Governance (IDLG) said. According to IDLG statement, President Ghani issued a decree appointing governors for Khost, Laghman, Nuristan, Baghlan and Samangan provinces. Based on President Ghani’s decree, Mohammad Sadiq Patman …

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Dostum Bestowed with the Rank of Marshal

Dostum bestowed with the Rank of Marshal

KABUL – Sources close to former vice president Abdul Rashid Dostum on Friday confirmed that a presidential decree was signed, promoting Dostum to Marshal rank. This was a provision of the political agreement between President Ghani and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah signed on May 17. A copy of the decree was …

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Arg Silent on Corruption Case of Ex-Minister

Arg silent over corruption of ex-minister

KABUL – The office of the Attorney General (AGO) claims that it sent its findings about Mohammad Jawad Paikar, a former minister accused of corruption, to the Presidential Palace (Arg). But officials at the Administrative Office of the Arg will not make an official comment on the progress on the …

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Ghani, Abdullah Differ Over Rank of Marshal to Dostum

Ghani and Abdullah Differ on Rank of Marshal to Dostum

KABUL – The teams of President Ashraf Ghani and head of High Council for National Reconciliation Abdullah Abdullah differ whether honorary or regular marshal military rank should be given to Abdul Rashid Dostum. The dispute has delayed the process of nominating new cabinet members. The marshal rank for Dostum, a …

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Bolton Reveals Trump’s Afghan Policy in His New Book

Bolton Reveals Trump's Afghan policy in his new book

KABUL – Former US National Security Adviser John Bolton in his new book, “The Room Where it Happened, ” has covered President Donald Trump’s policy on Afghanistan, including the peace talks and Trump’s insistence on a withdrawal of troops. Bolton also reveals some less well-known aspects of the Afghan peace …

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Ghani Recalls Draft of Mass Media Law

President Ghani Recalls Mass Media Law

KABUL – President Ghani has ordered the recall the amended draft of the mass media law from the parliament until the draft is further discussed with the media under the leadership of the Second VP Sarwar Danesh, the Presidential Palace said in a statement on Monday. Ghani said in a …

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