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EU Sends Emergency Supplies, Pledges €39M Aid to Kabul

EU sends emergency supplies, pledges 35M aid to Kabul

KABUL – As part of the European Union’s (EU) global coronavirus response, an “EU Humanitarian Air Bridge” flight departed on Monday from Maastricht, Netherlands bound for Kabul, Afghanistan, the EU said in a statement. The shipment includes “100 tons of life-saving materials to supply EU-funded humanitarian partners,” the statement said. …

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Pakistan Condemns Terror Attacks on Kabul Mosques

Pakistan condemns attacks on mosques in Kabul

KABUL – Pakistan on Sunday strongly condemned terrorist attacks on Wazir Akbar Khan and Sher Shah Suri mosques in Kabul. These heinous acts on the mosques resulted in the martyrdom of renowned religious scholars Dr Ayaz Niazi and Maulavi Azizullah Mofleh and claimed the lives of other innocent worshippers. “We …

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Four Killed in Mosque Blast in Western Kabul

Four Killed in a Mosque in western Kabul

KABUL – An explosion occurred at Sher Shah Suri Mosque in Kart-e-Char area in the west of Kabul as people were partaking in the Friday prayer, 10 days after an explosion at a mosque in downtown Kabul left two dead and several others wounded. Among the four killed was the …

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Afghan Mystic Poet Haidari Wujodi Dies of COVID-19

Haidari Wujodi

KABUL – Haidari Wujodi, a mystic poet and a well-known scholar in Afghanistan died of COVID-19 at the age of 81, sources confirmed. Haidari Wujodi was born in 1939, in a small village in Panjshir Province in northern Afghanistan, one of five children of a cleric. In those days the …

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Coronavirus Cases in Afghanistan Over 20,000

Coronavirus cases in Afghanistan more than 20,000

KABUL – The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) on Sunday reported 791 new positive cases of COVID-19 from 1,427 samples tested in the last 24 hours. Kabul was on the top of the list with 313 new positive cases followed by Khost (128), Herat (94), Kandahar (79), Balkh (7), Nangarhar …

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2 Killed, 8 Injured in Mosque Blast in Kabul

2 Killed, 8 Injured in Mosque Blast in Kabul

KABUL – An explosion at Wazir Akbar Khan Mosque in downtown Kabul on Tuesday evening left two dead and eight others wounded, according to a statement by the Ministry of Interior Affairs. The explosion happened at around 7:30 Kabul time. The explosives were placed in the yard of the mosque, …

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Coronavirus Cases Rampant in Afghanistan

Coronavirus Rampant in Afghanistan

KABUL – The deadly coronavirus is unprecedentedly spreading in Afghanistan, with the latest reports suggesting that 866 test positive in the past 24 hours. Now, according to official reports, the total number of the coronavirus cases is 14,525. The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) says that the recent cases are …

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