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Ghani Shifting Ministerial Authorities to His Advisers: MPs

Ghani shifting ministerial authorities to his advisers, MPs

KABUL – Some lawmakers in the Afghan parliament have accused President Ghani of attempting to monopolize political power by curbing the authorities of the cabinet ministers and shifting it to advisers. The president’s move to transfer power from cabinet ministers and transfer their authority to his advisers is an attempt …

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The Situation of Kabul Prisons is Terrible: MPs

Situation of Kabul prisons is terrible, MPs

KABUL – A delegation from the Wolesi Jirga, the Afghan house of representatives, visited the Pul-e-Charkhi prison and other prisons in Kabul and determined that the situation in the prisons is “terrible”. The three-member delegation from the house of representatives was appointed recently after concerns were raised about the poor …

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High-Profile Criminal Cases Are Not Pursued: MPs

High-Profile Criminal Cases Are Not Pursued, MPs

KABUL – Lawmakers on Monday accused the government of corruption, saying major criminal cases involving high-profile government and non-government suspects are not being investigated seriously by the Attorney General’s office, ToloNews reported. According to ToloNews report, the lawmakers cited dozens of large-scale corruption and embezzlement cases that are not pursued …

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India’s Major Parties Field Few Women in Race to Parliament


NEW DELHI – Women running for India’s parliament are barely a blip in the world’s biggest democratic exercise, which began last week and will play out in seven rounds, with results expected on May 23, Reuters reported Thursday. Women now make up just 11.8 per cent and 12.8pc of the …

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Eight Brexit Options on Table As MPs Cast Indicative Votes


LONDON – British MPs will cast indicative Brexit votes for the second time on Monday in an attempt to find a way out of the European Union, CGTN reported Monday. The first round of votes indicated a preference for a softer exit than Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal, but none …

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UK Parliament Set to Vote on the Next Move for Brexit


LONDON – British MPs are due to hold votes this Wednesday on various Brexit options, as Prime Minister Theresa May comes under pressure to announce a departure plan and garner support for her unpopular divorce deal from the European Union, Reuters reported Wednesday. Three years after a referendum in which …

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