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Pak-Afghan Bonding Relations

Pak-Afghan bonding relations

Historically, instability in Afghanistan is not only restricted to its boundaries but affected the whole region. Countries that are directly affected by volatility in Afghanistan are monitoring the situation with great interest. It is because the US has already decreased the number of troops in the country to 2,500 and …

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Ghani: Peace in Afghanistan Will Bring Peace to the Region

Ghani, peace in Afghanistan will bring peace to the region

KABUL – President Ashraf Ghani said Sunday that peace and stability in Afghanistan will bring peace and stability to the region. Speaking at a National Security Council (NSC) meeting, Ghani said: “Peace will allow for major economic projects for the economic prosperity and economic development of Afghanistan and the region …

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Afghan Remain Optimistic About Peace Process Despite Obstacles

Afghans remain optimistic about peace process despite obstacles

MAIDAN WARDAK – Panelists in a series of UN-backed radio programmes across Afghanistan’s central provinces remain hopeful, despite all the many challenges and obstacles, that latest peace efforts will result in a final settlement ending decades of war. “Both sides should deliver on what the people of Afghanistan want: peace, …

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Is Afghanistan Closer to Peace Now?

Is Afghanistan closer to peace now

In recent days, two important events have taken place in connection with the peace process in Afghanistan, which is considered as a new beginning for the peace process. Firstly, the Republican team in the Doha and the Taliban agreed on the basic principles of peace talks, which will pave the …

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Khalilzad Discusses Afghan Peace Support with Turkish Officials

Khalilzad discusses Afghan peace support with Turkish Officials

KABUL – US Special Representative for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad met Turkey’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sedat Onal in Ankara on Thursday night, where they discussed the importance of continuous support to the Afghanistan peace process, the Turkish government said. According to the US State Department, Khalilzad will also travel to Qatar, …

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Khalilzad: Afghan People Expect an Urgent Ceasefire

Khalilzad, Afghan people now expect an urgent ceasefire

KABUL – US envoy on Afghan peace process Zalmay Khalilzad welcomed progress in Doha talks, saying that the people of Afghanistan now expect an urgent ceasefire. Khalilzad on Wednesday welcomed the news that the Afghan government and the Taliban have finalized the procedure of the negotiations. “A three-page agreement codifying …

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Noor: Ghani’s Vice Presidents are Sabotaging Peace

Noor, Ghanis vice presidents are responsible for delay in peace

KABUL – Top Afghan officials, including President Ghani’s Vice Presidents are hell-bent on sabotaging the current peace process in Doha of Qatar, said Ata Mohammad Noor, the Chief Executive of Jamiat-i-Islami Political Party. These officials are making irritant and violent comments, Noor said in an interview with 1TV channel. Noor …

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Qureshi: Intra-Afghan Talks Vital for Afghan Peace

Qureshi meets atmar

KABUL – Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Thursday said intra-Afghan dialogue was vital to ensure sustainable peace in Afghanistan. In a meeting with Acting Foreign Minister Muhammad Hanif Atmar, Qureshi said Pakistan would continue to play reconciliatory role in the Afghan peace process. Qureshi expressed satisfaction that Afghanistan-Pakistan …

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Ghani, Imran Khan Vow Joint Efforts for Peace

Ghani, Imran Khan vow to work together for peace

KABUL – Afghanistan and Pakistan on Thursday agreed to pace up their joint efforts to reduce recent spate of terrorist incidents in Afghanistan and establish peace through close coordination and intelligence sharing. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan and President Ashraf Ghani in a joint press stake-out at ARG Presidential Palace …

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