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Trump ‘Most Irresponsible’ President in US History: Biden

Trump ‘most irresponsible’ president in US history says Biden

WASHINGTON – US President-elect, Joe Biden, said on Thursday that incumbent President Donald Trump’s challenge to the November 3 election results was “totally irresponsible” and called him “the most irresponsible president in American history”. Trump launched legal challenges in several states and claimed he was the rightful winner of the …

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US Presidential Election: Biden Takes Lead over Trump

Trump's Refusal to Concede 'An Embarrassment': Biden

WASHINGTON – US Democrat candidate, Joe Biden, took a big step on Wednesday to capture the White House, with wins in Michigan and Wisconsin bringing him closer to the majority, but President Donald Trump responded with fury as his campaign continued the vote count. In a brief speech on national …

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Biden Leads in Polls, Trump Close in Swing States

Biden leads in polls, Trump close in swing states

WASHINGTON – As the 2020 U.S. election approaches, Democrat candidate Joe Biden holds a national lead over President Donald Trump, but the Republicans are keeping their hopes up by staying competitive in swing states that could decide the White House race. Biden’s national lead over the Republican president has remained …

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Trump, Biden Spar Over the Economy, Workers in Labor Day Blitz

Trump, Biden spar over economy, workers in Labor Day blitz

WASHINGTON – US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and President Donald Trump spent September 7 slashing each other’s skills in economics and understanding the American worker as the presidential campaign entered its home stretch after the Job. As workers live by an “American code,” Biden said Trump “lives by a …

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US-Iran will not Make Deals As President Trump Has Suggested

US-Iran won't make deals as President Trump has suggested

TEHRAN – The United States will not make any deal with Iran if President Donald Trump continues his policy of “maximum pressure” against Tehran, Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei said on Tuesday. Rabiei’s remarks came in response to Trump’s comments on Monday that he would reach a deal with Iran …

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Obama Warns Democrats Against Complacency

Obama is taking a more prominent role in Joe Biden’s election campaign WASHINGTON – Former US president Barack Obama warned Democrats against being “complacent or conceited” about the presidential race at a grassroots fundraiser on Tuesday by suspected Democratic candidate Joe Biden. The former president asked viewers to learn the …

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