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Govt Denies Holding 100 Taliban Prisoners

Govt denies holding 100 Taliban prisoners

KABUL – The Afghan government on Wednesday rejected the Taliban claim that nearly 100 members of the group’s detainees–who were on the list of 5,000–had not been released by the government. The Afghan government has said that all Taliban prisoners on the list have been released. Nevertheless, the Taliban have …

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Ghani, Abdullah Meet Negotiation Team Before Talks

Ghani, Abdullah Meet Negotiation Team Before Talks

KABUL – President Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, the chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation, on Wednesday met with the negotiation team, the Presidential Palace announced. According to the statement, President Ghani assured the members that as a national team they have the strong support of the government …

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Ghani: We Have Prepared All Conditions for Peace

Ghani, we have made all conditions for peace

KABUL – President Ashraf Ghani in a message to security forces broadcast on government TV on Thursday morning said that “all barriers and excuses have been removed” ahead of the intra-Afghan talks. He also urged the Taliban to reduce violence and to be a part of the peace process, saying: …

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Arg: Prisoners’ Release Process Has Halted

Prisoners' release process has halted

KABUL – The Taliban prisoners’ release process has been halted, the Presidential Palace announced on Monday. Seddiq Seddiqi, the spokesperson to the Presidential Palace appeared in a press conference on Monday, announcing the Taliban prisoners’ release process has been halted as they have not yet released the govt named prisoners. …

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Intra-Afghan Peace Talks Expected in Days

Intra-Afghan talks expected in days

KABUL – Long-awaited intra-Afghan negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban are expected to start in Doha, Qatar within a week once the final 400 Taliban prisoners have been released. “We are ready to sit for talks within a week from when we see our prisoners released. We are …

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Loya Jirga Underway in Kabul

Loya Jirga underway in Kabul

KABUL – The Loya Jirga, or national grand council, officially started in Kabul on Friday morning amid heavy security measures in place in the city. About 3,200 delegates, including at least 700 women, are in attendance and will discuss and decide on the way forward for intra-Afghan peace talks and …

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Feature: Legitimacy of the Loya Jirga

Legitimacy of the Loya Jirga

Following the peace talks and the release of Taliban prisoners, the Afghan government has decided to hold a Consultative Loya Jirga on the release of the remaining 400 Taliban prisoners in Kabul at a cost of AFN 330 million. In a message issued on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, President …

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Taliban to Release Remaining Prisoners by Eid

Taliban to release remaining prisoners by Eid

KABUL – Taliban on Wednesday announced that it would complete the release of 1,000 government prisoners by Eid al-Adha, which will begin on Friday. “The other side should also complete process of the release of 5000 prisoners as per the Doha Agreement and according to the list already provided in …

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