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Report: Biden’s Team Kept in Dark Over Afghanistan Withdrawal

Report, Biden's team kept in dark about Afghanistan withdrawal

KABUL – The Pentagon blocked members of President Joe Biden’s incoming administration from gaining access to critical information about current operations, including the troop drawdown in Afghanistan, Politico reported on Wednesday. Politico says the story is based on conversations with 10 Pentagon and Biden officials involved in the transition, most …

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US Withdrawal from Afghanistan

US withdrawal from Afghanistan

Continuation of war for years and now stalemate in the peace process in Afghanistan have left American officials with two bad options: to support a corrupt and hopeless Afghan government indefinitely, or to admit defeat and go home, leaving the country to its fate. After 19 years of US war …

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Biden Introduces Security and Foreign Policy Team

Declaring "America is back", US President-elect Joe Biden presented his choices for Secretary of State, National Security Advisor

WASHINGTON – Declaring “America is back”, the US President-elect Joe Biden presented his choices for Secretary of State, National Security Advisor, Homeland Security Secretary, Chief Intelligence Officer, Ambassador of the UN and the envoy for climate change. US President-elect Joe Biden presented a list of veteran diplomats and policymakers who …

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The Impact of US Election Result on Afghanistan

Impacts of US election result on Afghanistan

Few countries have been as affected by the recent US foreign policy initiatives as Afghanistan. The country was once backed by Washington during the Cold War, then left to the brink of civil war; then, it was liberated from the rule of strict and authoritarian Talibanism, and during the Obama …

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Trump Wants Quick Troops Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Pentagon in mindful of deadlines of troops withdrawal

KABUL – US news agencies report that the new changes in the Pentagon by President Donald Trump are rising fears that the US will accelerate the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. During his presidential campaign, Trump vowed to withdraw the troops from Afghanistan by Christmas. CNN reported on Thursday that …

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Trump: All Troops in Afghanistan Should be Home by Xmas

Trump Signs $900 Bln Covid-19 Pandemic Relief Package

KABUL – National Security Advisor to US President Trump, Robert O’Brien, said Washington would reduce its forces in Afghanistan to 2500 by early next year. President Trump said in a tweet, “We should have the small remaining number of our BRAVE Men and Women serving in Afghanistan home by Christmas!”. …

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Trump to Announce Troops Reduction in Iraq, Afghanistan

Trump to annouce troops reduction in Iraq, Afghanistan

KABUL – The US President Trump is all set to announce his decision over the further reduction of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. According to the senior administration official, Trump will make the announcement on September 09. The announcement is described to be aimed over convincing voters that he is …

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Bolton Reveals Trump’s Afghan Policy in His New Book

Bolton Reveals Trump's Afghan policy in his new book

KABUL – Former US National Security Adviser John Bolton in his new book, “The Room Where it Happened, ” has covered President Donald Trump’s policy on Afghanistan, including the peace talks and Trump’s insistence on a withdrawal of troops. Bolton also reveals some less well-known aspects of the Afghan peace …

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US to Withdraw Troops Out of Afghanistan by November

The US military has gone a full year without a single combat death in Afghanistan for the first time in two decades of war, Military Times reported.

KABUL – Pentagon officials would brief US President Donald Trump in the coming days on plans for pulling all US troops out of Afghanistan by the November election, according to multiple reports. The Pentagon is currently prepping multiple options for the commander-in-chief to consider, the New York Times reported Tuesday, …

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