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New Nuclear Missiles to Cost $95bn, Pentagon Estimates

New nuclear missiles to cost $95bn, Pentagon estimates

WASHINGTON – The Pentagon has raised the estimated cost of commissioning a new fleet of ground-based nuclear missiles to replace the Minuteman 3 arsenal, that has been in continuous operation for 50 years to $95.8 billion, officials said Monday. The estimate is around $10 billion from four years ago. The …

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Trump Cuts US Quota for Refugee Admissions

Donald Trump cuts US quota for refugee admissions

WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump’s administration has proposed to reduce further the number of refugees the United States accepts to a new all-time high in the coming year. In a notice sent to Congress on Wednesday evening, just 34 minutes before the legal deadline to do so, the administration …

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Biden, Trump to Face Off in A First Presidential Debate

Biden, Trump to face off in first presidential debate

WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden will see the horns on the debate stage for the first time Tuesday night in what promises to be a political battle watched by millions around the world. The 90-minute showdown kicks off the home stretch of the White …

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U.S. Has Reportedly Warned Iraq Over Its Intention to Withdraw

US Reportedly Warns Iraq About Plans to Withdraw From Baghdad Embassy

BAGHDAD – The United States State Department has warned the Iraqi government that it plans to withdraw from its embassy in Baghdad unless Iraq controls attacks on US personnel, the Washington Post reported. The United States Embassy in Baghdad, Iran, located in Green Zone, an area that houses several foreign …

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Pakistan ‘Essential’ Regional Partner: US Ambassador-Designate

EU climate chief welcomes newly announced Chinese climate target

WASHINGTON – William Todd, the Trump administration-appointed ambassador to Islamabad, called Pakistan a “vital partner” in the region and suggested that US relations with India should not come at Pakistan’s expense. Addressing the Senate confirmation hearing on Tuesday, William Todd said the United States could have strong relations with India …

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Russia’s Plan to Build New Warships Infuriated the US: China

Russia’s plan to build new warships infuriated the United States, China says

BEIJING – Russia’s decision to start building several large warships at once turned out to be an unexpected American reaction, Chinese media analysts drew such conclusions, BulgarianMilitary.com has learned. Some time ago, news came from Russia which surprised the world community and made a particularly strong impression on the American …

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Coalition Forces to Leave Iraq in 3 Years: Trump

Coalition forces to leave Iraq in 3 years says trump

WASHINGTON – The US president Donald Trump briefed visiting Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi on Thursday of his commitment to the rapid withdrawal of international coalition forces from Iraq within three years. “We have withdrawn significantly from Iraq, and very few troops remain,” Trump said, according to the Iraqi News …

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