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Khalilzad Hails Positive Development in Pak-Afghan Relations

Khalilzad hail Pak-Afghan agreement

KABUL – United States Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad hailed the shared vision by Pakistan and Afghanistan on bilateral relations and regional stability. “We welcome and are encouraged by the positive development in Pakistan-Afghanistan relations,” said Khalilzad in a tweet Monday. “If implemented, it provides an opportunity to …

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NATO Chief Warns Against Withdrawal from Afghanistan

NATO Chief warns against withdrawal from Afghanistan

KABUL – NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg issued a stark warning Tuesday that any premature withdrawal from Afghanistan could be dangerous, a day after media outlets reported that President Donald Trump is eyeing a troop drawdown against the advice of the nation’s top military officials. “The price for leaving too …

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Trump Wants Quick Troops Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Trump wants quick troops withdrawal from Afghanistan

KABUL – US news agencies report that the new changes in the Pentagon by President Donald Trump are rising fears that the US will accelerate the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. During his presidential campaign, Trump vowed to withdraw the troops from Afghanistan by Christmas. CNN reported on Thursday that …

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ANDSF Receive New Humvees, Aircrafts from the US

ANDSF Receive New Humvees, Aircrafts from the US

KABUL – Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF) received more than 1000 Humvees, a dozen aircrafts and military equipment, according to the Ministry of Defense, amid deadline for the United States to withdrawal its forces still in Afghanistan upon an agreement inked with the Taliban in February. “The US donated …

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USFOR-A Denies Claim of Violating US-Taliban Deal

US denies violating US-Taliban agreement

KABUL – Colonel Sonny Leggett, spokesperson for United States Forces in Afghanistan (USFOR-A), once again denied the Taliban claim of violating February accord, after the group blamed US over airstrike in Nerkh, Wardak and killing innocent Afghans. It is the second time the Taliban accused US for violating the agreement, …

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Khalilzad: Afghans Will Suffer If Peace Fails

Khalilzad, Afghans will suffer if peace fails

KABUL – Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad testified before the US House Oversight and Reform Subcommittee on National Security about the Trump administration’s Afghanistan policy on Tuesday and said that the US will protect its interests in all circumstances in Afghanistan and that the Afghan people will suffer …

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Afghan Negotiators, Pompeo Depart for Doha for Peace Talks

Qatar peace talks

KABUL – Afghan government representatives flew out for Doha on Friday afternoon ahead of long-awaited peace negotiations with the Taliban scheduled to begin on Saturday, Afghan officials said. Meanwhile, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo welcomed the impending “historic” peace talks while himself on his way to Doha for …

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Govt Denies Holding 100 Taliban Prisoners

Govt denies holding 100 Taliban prisoners

KABUL – The Afghan government on Wednesday rejected the Taliban claim that nearly 100 members of the group’s detainees–who were on the list of 5,000–had not been released by the government. The Afghan government has said that all Taliban prisoners on the list have been released. Nevertheless, the Taliban have …

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