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Taiwan Scientists Find the Antibody that Fights Coronavirus

TAIPEI – A team of scientists at Chang Gung University (CGU) in Taiwan found a monoclonal antibody (mAb) capable of inhibiting Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) by more than 90 percent.
The team has been searching for the antibody for several months, which has the potential to kill the virus by 90 to 98 percent. Additionally, it was found to be effective against all four major strains of the virus.
Researchers at CGU and Academia Sinica, the National Defense Medical Center and Oxford University announced in early April that they had identified 25 mAbs strains in three COVID-19-infected patients. We had already identified one of which would theoretically prevent the virus from reaching the body and pave the way for treatment at the time.
Shih Shin-ru, director of the CGU Research Center for Emerging Viral Infections, confirmed on Thursday (May 28) that the antibody has the ability to prevent the virus from reaching the human body through experiments, with the ability to inhibit the virus ranging from 90 to 98 percent, CNA reported.
In addition, the antibody had the same neutralizing effect on the COVID-19 strains of Wuhan, American, European, and Egyptian, making it an excellent candidate for therapeutic drugs.
Shih said the antibodies are produced from substances that exist naturally in the human body, unlike pharmaceuticals that can be harmful and cause side effects. They are thus not only safe but also highly versatile, allowing them to recognize and inhibit or remove particular viruses, and do not harm normal healthy cells during the process, thus reducing the incidence of side effects.
The director added that now that a suitable mAb has been identified by the CGU team, in June, they will start a technology transfer to the private sector, carry out further tests and ramp up mass production. If all goes well then, the antibody could be available commercially as soon as the end of the year, Shih said.
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