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The EU Must Remain Serious in the Matter of N. Deal: Iran

TEHRAN – Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Seyed Abbas Mousavi warned of his country’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal if European states failed to honor their commitments, Fars News Agency reported Saturday.
Mousavi told the Turkish news agency Anadolu that it was possible for Iran to remain in the deal, if the EU respected its commitments under the deal.
If the EU fails to ensure Iran in this regard, the withdrawal of the nuclear deal will be an option, he said.
Mousavi spoke Friday in Vienna of the 12th meeting of the Joint Committee of the Global Action Plan (JCPOA) in Vienna, saying that the final decision on the future of the nuclear deal should be taken at the Forum.
The JCPOA Joint Committee meeting ended Friday afternoon in Vienna after three and a half hours of discussions between the remaining signatories (EU3, Russia and China).
This was the 12th meeting of the JCPOA Joint Commission which started at 12.00 local time in Vienna.
At the same time, seven European countries – Austria, Belgium, Finland, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden – expressed in a joint statement their support for the implementation efforts of the Trade Support Instrument (INSTEX).
Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said earlier this month that the procrastination of European countries in the implementation of the long-promised INSTEX, the bloc’s financial mechanism to circumvent US unilateral sanctions against Tehran, has shown that they have neither the power nor the will to respect their commitments under the nuclear agreement.
In relevant remarks on Friday, Mousavi said the only way to convince Tehran to stop implementing the second phase of reducing its nuclear agreement obligations is to create a real and practical line of credit between Islamic Republic and Europe, urging the EU to deliver on commitments if Brussels wants the nuclear deal to be alive.
If the proposed EU Trade Support Instrument (INSTEX) is an ordinary and fictitious mechanism, we will certainly not accept it and we will undertake the second stage of the modification of our commitments under the nuclear agreement, also known as the Common Global Action Plan (JCPOA), warned Mousavi.
Regarding the Friday meeting of the Joint Committee of the JCPOA parties in Vienna, the diplomat said it was the last chance for Europe before Iran began the second phase of its decision to reduce its commitments nuclear.
(Sahar New s Monitoring Desk)

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