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Time for Pakistan to take leap in IT sector says President Alvi

Time for Pakistan to Take Leap in IT Sector: Alvi

ISLAMABAD – Pakistani President, Dr. Arif Alvi, said on Monday that as information technology changes global dynamics, the right choice for Pakistan was to prepare a well-equipped generation with knowledge in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, deep leaning and neural network.
Speaking at the launch of the Bachelor of Engineering Technology program at the National University of Technology (Nutech) Islamabad, the Pakistan president said that information technology could offer immense opportunities to boost the development of the countries and help meet contemporary challenges.
Alvi focused on education reforms to meet the demands of scientifically advanced international markets. He proposed to promote innovative learning methods among students instead of physical setups to encourage faster dissemination of knowledge.
He said the artificial intelligence that is influencing almost every facet of life could be used to increase human capabilities and improve efficiency. He said the IT sector has multidimensional job prospects for talented young people and offered them a platform to explore new perspectives on modern knowledge.
For educators, he insisted on adopting the “knowledge funnel” to transform the mass of information into well-defined algorithms to create value and greater efficiency.
Pakistani President further said that in the world of technological advancement, it is important for Pakistani innovators to make a leap in education, especially in information technology. He mentioned that Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the great intellectual of the subcontinent, had always advised Muslims to focus on education.
He said he was convinced that in the coming years, a generation in the country would be capable enough to bring about a knowledge revolution while respecting the principles of morality.

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