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Two-day Pakistan Economic Forum being held in the Kyrgyzstan

Two-Day Pakistan Economic Forum Being Held in the Kyrgyzstan

ISLAMABAD – Kyrgyzstan’s Ambassador to Pakistan, Erik Beishembieve, said a two-day Pakistan Economic Seminar is being held in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, on December 02, 2020.
The theme is to boost bilateral trade between Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan on a sectoral base, in which a large number of Pakistani businessmen and industrialists participate.
The Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan stressed the need to promote the historic bond of relations between Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan and said the two countries should make efforts to strengthen ties in all fields, especially education, culture, commerce, connectivity and industries.
Kyrgyz Ambassador, Erik Beishembieve, expressed these views during his two-day visit to Karachi where he had various meetings with businessmen from Karachi including delegations from KATI, Brooks Pharmaceuticals, Revolt Motorbike Plant and Pelikan Knitwear.
Speaking to them, Erik Beishembieve, said that despite the vast potential between Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan, bilateral trade is limited to $5 million, adding that “Pakistan exports leather textile products and fresh fruit to Kyrgyzstan while Kyrgyzstan exports chemicals, manure and other halal animal skins and minerals in Pakistan.
(Sahar News Monitoring)

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