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Unindentified female body with incised face found in Kandahar

Unidentified Female Body With Incised Face Found in Kandahar

KANDAHAR – An unidentified female body is reportedly found in Aino Mena City of Kandahar province, who was brutally murdered with her face entirely incised.
Kandahar security chief Gen. Tadin Khan confirmed the incident with the news outlets, saying a police investigation is underway to identify the victim and perceive the cause of the murder.
The images show, the female victim has been brutally murdered and the skin from her face and skull are entirely removed.
It is noteworthy that such incidents have recently increased in Kandahar province and have raised serious concerns among the people.
Women in Afghanistan already fear the loss of gains made regarding women rights in Afghanistan after a possible deal with Taliban.
(Sahar News)

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