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US Dropped More Bombs in Afghanistan Last Month Than Any Time Since 2010: USAF

WASHINGTON – The US dropped more bombs on Afghanistan in September than it has dropped at any point since October 2010, US Air Force (USAF) data released on Tuesday revealed.
The increase in bombing followed the collapse of peace talks between the United States and the Taliban in early September and a vow by President Donald Trump “to hit our enemy harder” than ever before.
Manned American aircraft and drones released 948 munitions in Afghanistan throughout September, according to U.S. Air Forces Central Command.
Only two other months have had a higher tally since 2006, when regular figures were first published.
The US Air Force in August dropped 783 bombs, which had previously been the most munitions dropped in a month since November 2018, when 841 bombs were deployed.
This year, so far, combined forces have conducted more sorties, or attacks, with at least one weapon release than they had since 2012 — 1,838 sorties compared to 1,974 in 2012, according to the reports.
The U.S. has dropped 5,431 bombs in both manned missions and drone strikes so far this year, compared to 7,362 munitions last year — meaning the branch could be on track to match that number or possibly surpass it this year.
In 2018, the Air Force released more weapons than it had since 2011, dropping 7,362 combined munitions, according to Air Force data.
Monday was the 18th anniversary of the first U.S. airstrikes in Afghanistan.
Since international combat operations in Afghanistan ended about five years ago, the United States has been the only foreign NATO partner known to conduct airstrikes in the country.
American aircraft have flown about 800 sorties so far this year, of which about 290 included strikes, AFCENT said.
Speaking last month on the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the United States, Trump said, “We have hit our enemy harder than they have ever been hit before, and that will continue.”
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