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US envoy, Pakistan has an important role in Afghan peace process

US Envoy: Pakistan Has an Important Role in Afghan Peace Process

KABUL – Nominated US envoy to Islamabad William Todd told a Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday that Pakistan has a growing role to play in making Afghan peace possible. He also said that cooperation between the two countries was essential for bringing peace and stability to Afghanistan.
He said, “Islamabad played a critical role in creating the conditions that brought Afghan leaders and the Taliban to the historic start of Afghan Peace negotiations… and Pakistan has an even more important role to play in supporting efforts toward a negotiated political settlement that ends 40 years of war.”
“Peace in Afghanistan is in both our countries’ best interests, and effective US-Pakistani cooperation is essential to achieve that objective,” he said.
“Today, our countries recognize that we share a common interest in a durable peace in Afghanistan,” Todd told the Senate panel.
“This is a moment of opportunity for Pakistan to continue to forge a new and better role in the region,” he said.
He said if his nomination was approved and he was appointed ambassador to Pakistan, one of his top priorities would be to encourage Pakistan to play this role.
Todd, who was nominated by Trump earlier this year, told the Senate panel that Pakistan remained a difficult but essential US partner in South Asia, and Washington was seeking to reset its ties with Islamabad.
(Sahar News)

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