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US, Taliban Representatives to Meet in Doha

KABUL – The seventh round of the peace talks will be held in Doha next week where US and Taliban representatives will meet.
In the previous or sixth round, US and Taliban representatives discussed truce, direct negotiation between the Afghan government and the Taliban, withdrawal of The US forces from Afghanistan.
The peace talks have seen many deadlocks since the very beginning, However, last time in May, US chief negotiator Zalmai Khalilzad said the talks are making “slow” but “steady” progress.
On many occasions, Taliban denied direct negotiation with the Afghan government rather prefers to discuss peace in Afghanistan with the influential politicians.
Khalilzad arrived in Kabul last week and since then he has held meeting with Afghan government leaders, political leaders and members of the civil society, the youth and women.
Meanwhile, according to reports, another meeting on Afghan peace will be held in Norway after the US-Taliban talks in Doha. But it is not yet confirmed that Taliban will attend the meeting in Norway because of Amrullah Saleh, former NDS Chief, and some government officials.
However, on Friday, Khalilzad said in a tweet that Norway has a long-standing history in helping Afghanistan and great expertise in facilitating negotiations. The US envoy said that intra-Afghan peace negotiations could benefit from Norway’s support.
A member of Parliament, Rauf Inami, said that so far, the Taliban has not accepted democracy and they have not shown any green signal to an end in the war or to a ceasefire.
(Sahar News)

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