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US Troop Movements in the Middle East are “Extremely Dangerous”: Zarif

TEHRAN – An attempt by the United States to send more troops to the Middle East after accusing Tehran of being behind oil tanker attacks in the region is “extremely dangerous … for international peace,” the Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif said.
“The increase in the US presence in our region is extremely dangerous and threatens international peace and security, and this problem needs to be addressed”, Iran state run news agency said quoting Zarif.
The United States on Friday announced the deployment of 1,500 troops in the Middle East, describing the move as an effort to strengthen defenses against Tehran, and accusing the Iranian Revolutionary Guards of being directly responsible for the tankers’ attacks against it.
Speaking to reporters on the White House lawn shortly before leaving for a trip to Japan on Friday, US President Donald Trump said the goal of the deployment was “primarily protection” and aimed at enhancing security for the victim forces already present in the region.
We want protection in the Middle East, we will send a relatively small number of soldiers, said Trump.
He further said that, For now, I do not think Iran wants to fight, and I am certain about it.
The Trump administration had informed Congress earlier Friday of its plans.
According to a copy of the notification obtained by the Associated Press, the forces would be “about” 1,500 and would be deployed in the coming weeks, “their main responsibilities and activities will be of a defensive nature”.
During a press conference held on Friday by the Pentagon, US officials announced plans to send an additional 900 troops, including engineers and a fighter squadron, to the Middle East to bolster US defense and expand deployment, some 600 people loaded with Patriot missiles.
At the same time, a senior Iranian military official said Saturday that “reasonable Americans and experienced US commanders” could contain Washington’s “radical elements” and prevent a war with Iran.
What we know about “sabotage” attacks off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, We believe that rational Americans and their experienced commanders will not let their radical elements drive them into a difficult situation to come out, and that is why they will not go to war, said Brigade General Hassan Seifi, assistant commander to the head of the Iranian army.
Zarif reiterated on Friday his country’s rejection of the increased number of military deployments by the United States in the region during a visit to Pakistan.
Iran “will see the end of Trump, but it will never see the end of Iran,” Zarif was quoted by the official Fars news agency.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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