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US Troops Wiped Out A Contingent of ANSF in Airstrike

KABUL – A contingent of U.S. and Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) came under fire from another group of ANSF before calling in air support in self-defense, a U.S. military spokesman told Task & Purpose on Wednesday.
Army Col. David Butler, a spokesman for U.S. Forces-Afghanistan said that the joint U.S.-Afghan force “came under effective fire” during a joint patrol in Kunduz province, forcing them to request precision air support “to suppress the onslaught of machine gun fire”.
Butler added that, as it turned out, the machine gun fire “was coming from another group of ANSF,” killing an unspecified number of ANSF personnel.
No U.S. troops were killed or wounded in the incident, and that the Pentagon plans on convening a joint investigation board to determine the details of the incident, Butler added.
“This operation was extensively planned and coordinated with U.S. and ANSF to prevent an event like this from occurring,” Butler said.
“We regret the tragic loss of our Afghan partners.”
The incident comes less than a month after 18 Afghan National Police (ANP) officers were killed by U.S. airstrikes in the Helmand province while coming to the defense of civilians during an attack by Taliban.
The previous March, U.S. airstrikes “wiped out” a 17-man ANSF outpost following a firefight that erupted after an Afghan military unit attacked a joint U.S.-Afghan convoy.
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