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About us

Sahar news is an independent news agency of Afghanistan which broadcasts authentic, neutral and latest news regarding current affairs, business, entertainment, sports, regional & world news in English, Dari and Pashtu languages across Afghanistan and world via internet and social media.

Sahar News always monitor the changes across Afghanistan, world and providing latest and authentic news of nations, political parties, Political Leaders and affairs of major countries of the world. We are famous among the Afghan nation, peoples are viewing our news online on daily basis to stay up-to date with the changes in the Afghanistan and the world.

Our Dari and Pashto version web pages are providing the news to different regions of Afghanistan, as well as other countries of world which is a valuable & unique option to our online viewers.

Our newsroom and journalists are always stay alert and ready to generate the latest news of Afghanistan and the world for our valued viewers, so that they can access to latest changes from comfort of their places.

We always welcome opinions, custom blogs from our online visitors to publish on our website which is very important that peoples can give their valuable opinions and can write blogs for our website. You can submit your opinion or write the blog through this link https://www.saharnews.net/write-to-us/ .