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The Allegations of Sexual Harassment in Arg

The Allegations of Sexual Harassment in Arg

Afghanistan is known as one of most corrupt countries in the world. When President was elected as head of National Unity Government (NUG) back in 2014, he said that he would save Afghanistan from this global disgrace. Now, at the end of his term, he has not been able to make any worthwhile progress in this regard. However, another corruption has been added, which is the sexual harassment in Arg – The Presidential Palace.
When for the first time, Habibullah Ahmadzai and then Mrs. Maryam Wardak, former advisers of President Ghani, exposed the facts inside Presidential Palace about sex scandals and sexual harassment, many of their opponent called it a propaganda by the opposition and false allegation against President Ghani.
While on social media, most of the activists condemned such acts as discrimination against women and a disgrace for the members of the government.
But the Presidential Palace rejected the allegation of its former employees and claimed that the case was sent to the judicial authorities of the country for necessary investigations.
However, it must not be forgotten that the country’s judicial system is under the control of the Arg. It was evident when President Ghani made the Supreme Court release an order for the extension of his tenure as the president against the Constitution of Afghanistan and against the conditions that were set for the formation of NUG.
Recently, BBC published a report about the sexual harassment at the heart of the Afghan government and made it easy for the judicial authorities to investigate about this case. If there is a will to fight against criminals, the documentary provides the basic material to start with.
The BBC report is really shameful, not only for the Arg, but the Ghani administration as a whole. First, for the judicial and judicial institutions of the country, there is a place of shame and stigma that, despite the knowledge of the subject, their members deliberately try to keep the government away from the scandal.
If not brought to the attention of the people through media, Arg would have limited its measures to controlled investigation and nothing else. Now, as it has been brought to the people through international media, it is important to see how the Presidential Palace and President himself responds.
BBC is one of the top channels in the world that would not publish any report without evidence or clear sources. Therefore, this is now an established fact that there is something going on in Arg, and it is the ethical responsibility of the President himself to take necessary measures in this regard, and facilitate unbiased investigation.
Pursuing these allegations is also important because Afghanistan is consistently ranked as one of the worst countries in the world to be a woman. A UN report released in 2018 detailed how women who are victims of sexual crimes and violence are pressured to withdraw their complaints. In many cases, they are blamed for the offences committed against them.
It is vital that President and Presidential Palace must take these allegations seriously. The true nature of these allegations must be highlighted and the culprits must be punished. If a transparent investigation proves that the allegations are wrong, the ones responsible for propagating them must be punished. In fact, there must be efforts to serve true justice in this regard.
(Sahar News)

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