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Blasts disrupt Anniversary of Mazari

Several Blasts Disrupt Martyrdom Anniversary of Mazari

KABUL – Several explosions rocked Afghan capital Kabul on Thursday as the country’s top political leaders gathered in west of the city to mark martyrdom anniversary of Abdul Ali Mazari.
The prominent leaders who attended the event included; Hamid Karzai, Abdullah Abdullah, Hanif Atmar, Younus Qanooni, Mohammad Mohaqqiq and several others.
The first blast happened as Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah was addressing the ceremony.
“The blast has happened in a remote area, but it certainly hit civilians,” Abdullah said.
Later, Mohammad Mohaqqiq called on the attendees to leave as he said militants were firing mortars.
More than 20 blasts have been heard around Mussala e Mazari where the ceremony was taking place.
Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has said that so far 14 wounded and 1 dead body have reached to nearby hospitals.
Political leader, Abdul Latif Pedram, who was attending the ceremony is also said to be injured in the attack.
Hanif Atmar, said in a tweet that he had reached home safe but his 8 body guards have been injured. His tweet added: “This was the most horrid and unforgivable attack on civilians by a merciless enemy. I’m pained by the loss of life and injury suffered by some many.
Meanwhile, reports emerged that there were many rocket attacks around the area and in a one of the houses hit 2 persons were killed and three others were injured.
(Sahar News)

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