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federal system in Afghanistan

Can Federal System be a Panacea for Afghanistan?

Afghanistan, a country that has historically been home to different ethnic groups, has experienced different systems during different periods. Some systems have worked in Afghanistan for certain reasons, even brought political stability and garnered two-dimensional support (internal and external) for years. While some other systems have not even been able to spend even few months without facing resistance or popular uprisings, and even faced lack of foreign support.
The weakening of the system throughout the history of Afghanistan has various reasons such as lack of political legitimacy (internal and external), deviation from vital policies in which national interests are outlined, lack of understanding of social and political sensitivities, which has caused stagnation and collapse of systems. Most of these reasons are present even now. So, in a sensitive political situation like Afghanistan, can the federal system in the country be the solution?
The federal system in a general definition refers to a system in which a group of units (states, provinces, etc.) are committed to each other and there is a central government supported by them. The term federalism is also used to describe a system of government in which sovereignty is constitutionally divided between a central government and its constituent political units (such as states or provinces).
According to some political scholars, the federal system creates and promotes political legitimacy in multinational countries, and Afghanistan is one of the same kind of countries, wherein, different ethnic groups reside. So for a country like Afghanistan, federal system can provide the following advantages:
Establishment of local governments: Each province/state has its own political, social and economic government. Provincial/state representatives live close to the people and are often from the same community, so they have a better understanding of the problems and offer proper solutions.
Local representation: Federalism proposes representation for different communities. Citizens of different states may have different ideals, ethnicities, and cultures, all of whom require political presentation, and the federal system can support them in this regard.
Improved use of resources: The division of labor between the central government and regional governments leads to the optimization of the use of resources.
Afghanistan is a country with mountainous geography and difficult terrain. The country is also divided into 30 to 40 ethnic, linguistic, and cultural units. Centralized systems in such a county is unresponsive and reduces the government’s reach to the people. As Afghanistan grapples with an almost failed experience of its imported democracy, it must shift the nature of the system from centralized to decentralized.
As a matter of fact, the current system is at a dead end, and the only solution to the existing challenges is to move to a federal system, which will bring peace to this country. All the existing challenges are due to the administrative weakness of the current system. Because the presidential system monopolizes all power in one person and turns the president into an “absolute dictator”, it causes less attention paid to the people. The federal system delegates power to the people, and the people themselves decide their future, not a weak person at the top.
By amending the constitution and changing the decentralized system, the Afghan government can replace the current centralized system with a federal system. By doing so, it will not only improve the people’s relationship with the government, but also promote the political legitimacy of the government and guarantee the public participation of citizens in their next political decisions, including elections.
(Sahar News)

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