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China Coronavirus Cases Drop to Zero, the Surge in Latin America.

China Coronavirus Cases Drop to Zero, the Surge in Latin America.

BEIJING – The coronavirus pandemic continued to decline in most of Asia on Saturday even as the epidemic was on the rise in Latin America, as the world struggled to balance the need to revive economies with health risk concerns.
China, where the outbreak started late last year, has for the first time reported no new confirmed cases. There were 23 new infections in South Korea, mostly from the densely populated area of Seoul where authorities shut down thousands of nightclubs, bars, and karaoke rooms to stem transmission.
Before using aggressive tracking and testing to stabilize its outbreak, South Korea reported about 500 new cases a day in early March. More than 200 of the recent infections in Seoul have been linked to club-goers as the country started to lighten restrictions.
New cases in Japan have lately dwindled to double-digit figures every day. Coronavirus-related deaths are under 800.
In a joint statement with the government, the Bank of Japan, which recently announced measures to ensure easy lending in the world’s third-largest economy, said that both sides “will work together to bring the Japanese economy back on the post-pandemic solid growth track.”
In the U.S., some regions grew faster than others. In Michigan, through June 12, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer extended the stay-at-home order of the state by slightly more than two additional weeks, while keeping theatres, gyms and other public accommodation places closed until at least that time.
The Democratic Governor has also maintained her declaration of emergency coronavirus through June 19. Both the stay-at-home measure and the state of emergency were set to expire late next Thursday, although it was likely Whitmer said extensions.
“While the data shows that we are making progress, we are not yet out of the woods. If we want to lower the risk of a second wave and keep shielding our neighbors and loved ones from the spread of this epidemic, we will continue to do our part by remaining safer at home,” said Whitmer, whom President Donald Trump pushed to reopen the state.
On Friday, Michigan reported 5,158 deaths confirmed due to complications of COVID-19, the fourth largest tally of any State. The regular death toll increased by 29, and the number of newly reported cases in the state grew by 403, to almost 54,000 since the pandemic began.
The U.S. was the hardest hit by nation, with more than 96,000 deaths among 1.6 million confirmed cases.
Meanwhile, 75 COVID-19 cases have been reported by the United Nations in the 13 far-flung peacekeeping missions of the United Nations, which have a total of 110,000 troops, police and staff.
Jean-Pierre Lacroix, the peacekeeping chief, told reporters that preventive measures taken early in the crisis seemed to have prevented the spread of the virus, with the exception of Mali, where 58 cases were reported. He said no deaths have happened and none of the cases has been serious.
The two largest nations of Latin America, Mexico and Brazil recorded record numbers of infections and deaths almost daily this week, fueling criticism of their governments, who have slow-walked shutdowns in an effort to limit economic harm.
According to a tally maintained by Johns Hopkins University, Brazil reported more than 330,000 confirmed cases, surpassing Russia to become the nation with the second-highest number of infections, behind only the USA.
More than 21,000 deaths have also been recorded in Brazil, though experts believe the numbers are greater.
Experts said Latin America ‘s rising deaths showed the limits of government intervention in an area where millions of people have informal employment and many police forces are weak or corrupt and unable to impose restrictions. Infections also increased, and intensive care units in Peru, Chile and Ecuador were swamped, countries lauded for imposing early and aggressive shutdowns and quarantines of business.
Colombia’s health ministry also reported its largest daily rises Friday, with 801 new confirmed infections and 30 deaths. Nearly 20,000 people in a country that has been locked down for nearly two months were diagnosed with the virus.
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