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China, US to Help Pakistan Fight Coronavirus

ISLAMABAD – To help Pakistan meet the daunting challenge of fighting the coronavirus, China and the United States have become major partners, despite the fact that these two great world powers are themselves fighting this deadly disease in a large scale.
In addition to providing $4 million to build a hospital, China is also sending a medical team of experts to help Pakistani doctors against the deadly disease.
In Beijing, Deputy Minister of the National Health Commission of China, Zeng Yixin, announced Thursday that Beijing will send a team of medical experts to Pakistan to work closely with the health authorities and provide assistance and expertise in their fight against the coronavirus pandemic.
“As required by the Pakistani side, China is preparing a medical team to travel to Pakistan and this team of experts will carry out field visits to various localities in Pakistan,” he said.
US Ambassador Paul Jones on Thursday highlighted the United States’ support for Pakistan while pledging to deepen collaboration with new technologies and resources, as well as advice to American citizens in Pakistan. In a video message, he noted, “We have made Pakistan a priority country for emergency coronavirus assistance. We redirected $1 million in existing funding and provided $1 million in new funding for laboratory and emergency supplies and to allow communities to identify a possible coronavirus outbreak.”
The Foreign Ministry spokesman in the weekly press briefing stressed that US aid worth $1 million was being paid in coordination with the Ministry of Health.
Meanwhile, she commented on a “considerable amount of donations” from private sources from China that is expected to arrive soon after the Alibaba Foundation has already donated 50,000 test kits and 5,000,000 face masks.
“China has helped Pakistan a lot in its efforts to contain the coronavirus. A team of medical experts is expected to arrive soon from China to help our doctors fight the coronavirus. The medical team will also bring medical supplies from China to strengthen our capabilities,” she said.
China’s assistance to Pakistan to fight coronaviruses includes 12,000 test kits, 3,000,000 masks and 10,000 protective suits.
“The government of Xinjiang has also supplied 50,000 masks each to the capital city of Islamabad and to the government of Sindh. A considerable amount of donations from private sources from China also arrives. The Alibaba Foundation also donated 50,000 test kits and 5,000,000 face masks,” she added.
Meanwhile, the spokesman said that travel restrictions from Wuhan will be lifted from April 8.
“This can pave the way for our citizens to make their plans in the light of directives issued by governments on both sides,” she said.
While referring to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s call for debt rescheduling and economic assistance to developing countries, the spokesperson said that the Minister of Foreign Affairs had stressed this again during his talks, recent telephone conversations with French, Spanish and German counterparts.
“This initiative has gained momentum in recent days, as evidenced by the recent joint statement by the IMF and the World Bank calling for the suspension of debt payments for the poorest countries. A special meeting of the G-20 is also expected to take place to discuss the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the global economy and developing countries,” she added.
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