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China warns US against taking a superior position in global affairs

China Warns US Against Taking A Superior Position in Global Affairs

BEIJING – Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, has warned the United States not to take a superior stance and assume that it has the final say in world affairs.
Wang said China would not accept Washington’s list of unilateral requests for negotiations with Beijing.
“The door to dialogue with China is open. But the dialogue must take place on an equal footing and with mutual respect,” he said.
“China will not accept that there is one nation in the world that [can] put itself above the rest, and has the final say in world affairs. If the United States continues to clash, China will take it calmly without fear.”
Wang spoke to Chinese state media about his recent meetings in Fujian Province with foreign ministers from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and South Korea.
He said he briefed them on the Alaskan summit between US and Chinese diplomats, telling them it was “reasonable for regional nations to care about Sino-US relations.”
Last month’s summit in Anchorage opened with a public row between top diplomats in Washington and Beijing and was followed by a concerted effort on both sides to consolidate support from their traditional partners.
The tense demonstration of the ongoing Sino-US rivalry has heightened concerns that other countries may have to take sides.
Wang said that if Sino-US cooperation is possible, the two sides should respect the other’s basic concerns and China will not accept Washington’s unilateral demands and conditions.
“We resolutely resist blatant interference in China’s internal affairs and even more resolutely oppose unlawful unilateral sanctions imposed on the basis of lies and false information,” he said.
“China cannot back down because there are many developing and small and medium countries behind us. But China has the right to retaliate because we must defend our national sovereignty and national dignity.”
Diplomatic observers said Beijing was seeking to improve ties with the United States which had been severely damaged under former US President Donald Trump, but faced a dilemma in drawing a line between cooperation and resistance to American pressure.
A few weeks after the Alaska summit, tensions between China and the United States are still high. Washington has imposed additional sanctions on Chinese officials and entities for alleged human rights violations in Xinjiang, following a similar move by the European Union. The two countries have also increased their military presence in the disputed seas of east and south China.
Wang said China and the United States should hold more regional affairs dialogues and cooperate on the pandemic, but added that China’s rise to power cannot be reversed.
“It is inevitable for China to continue to develop and become strong. This is in line with the long term interest and common aspiration of the countries in the region, and this trend cannot be fought,” he said.
“China will not fear competition. But competition must be fair and equitable and follow the rules of the market. No one else should deprive others of their legitimate right to seek development.”

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