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Congress Tells Modi Not to Do Politics After Pulwama Tragedy

NEW DELHI – The congressional opposition party in India echoed criticism on Friday over Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday that he was using the Pulwama tragedy to gain electoral gains.
Party spokesman Randeep Surjewala accused Modi of shooting a film in the Corbett Tiger Reserve for hours after the car bomb attack on the paramilitary convoy on 14 February.
He added that the government did not declare mourning after the tragedy, which would prevent it from appearing in public.
Congress remained silent nearly a week after the attack, a sign of respect for the killed soldiers, but the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the prime minister had not spared the time to use it to return to power in the next few weeks of elections said Surjewala.
He recalled that the speech delivered by BJP President Amit Shah on February 17 in Assam said: “This time, it is not a Congress government that is in power.” The BJP government of Narendra Modi makes no compromises in matters of national security.”
The Congress leader said Shah’s speech was provocative. “The Congress party has supported the government and our armed forces.
Congress and the entire nation are strongly opposed to terrorism. However, it is regrettable that our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has preferred his thirst for power rather than respect the martyrdom of our soldiers.”
A senior BJP minister responded by saying that Congress spoke the language of Prime Minister Imran Khan, who also told Modi not to engage in politics with the Pulwama tragedy.
Modi has forgotten the responsibility of his president and is only trying to protect his power,”said Surjewala.
Adding this since February 14, during the Pulwama attack, Congress and the entire nation are in mourning.
He said the government deliberately refused to declare national mourning when the prime minister wanted to politicize the “tragic terrorist attack” at the expense of the government. If the government had declared a national mourning, it should have canceled the events of the government in which Mr. Modi had sought publicity for his party.
“Modi shot for a movie (produced by the Discovery Channel) until around 6:45 pm in Rampur on the day of the attack. The attack occurred at 3:10 pm, Congress reacted at 5:15 pm. However, the Prime Minister left Corbett National Park at 18:45 and encouraged slogans in his favor. He then went to taste the chai-naasta (tea and snacks) at 7 pm in a government guest house, when the nation was shocked and mourning, “said Surjewala.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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