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Erdoğan Calls Israel ‘Terror State’ Over Jerusalem Clashes

Erdoğan Calls Israel ‘Terror State’ Over Jerusalem Clashes

ANKARA – Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, denounced Israel as a “cruel terrorist state” in his speech in Ankara on Saturday referring to recent clashes between police and Palestinians in Jerusalem, AFP reported Monday.
His comments came, after more than 200 people were injured when Israeli riot police clashed with Palestinians in the compound of Al-Aqsa Mosque on Friday evening.
The latest incident capped a week of unrest in the holy city and the occupied West Bank.
“Israel, the cruel terrorist state, is attacking the Muslims of Jerusalem – whose only concern is to protect their homes… and their sacred values – in a savage and unethical way,” Erdoğan said.
The violence in Jerusalem was “an attack on all Muslims,” he said, adding that “protecting the honor of Jerusalem is a duty for every Muslim”.
He urged all countries, especially Muslim countries, to respond and called on the United Nations to “stop this persecution”.
Earlier on Saturday, Erdoğan took to twitter to condemn the violence.
“We strongly condemn the heinous attacks on the Al-Aqsa Mosque… which unfortunately are carried out every Ramadan,” he wrote, referring to the Muslim month of fasting.
“We will continue to stand by our Palestinian brothers and sisters under all circumstances,” Erdoğan promised.
Turkey’s foreign minister on Friday called on the Israeli government to end its “aggressive and provocative” policy against the Palestinians.
About 300 people demonstrated outside the Israeli consulate in Istanbul on Saturday in support of the Palestinians in Jerusalem.

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