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EU Council seeking balance with Turkey ahead of summit

EU Council Seeking Balance with Turkey Ahead of Summit

BRUSSELS – The delicate balancing act in the strained relations between the European Union and Turkey continues ahead of the European Council meeting in Brussels on June 24-25, as witnessed by the draft conclusions of the meeting, Ahval News reported Wednesday.
The European Council, it said, “welcomes the continued de-escalation in the Eastern Mediterranean”, while recalling “the EU’s strategic interest in a stable and secure environment in the Eastern Mediterranean and in the development of a cooperative and mutually beneficial relationship with Turkey.”
The draft declaration also expresses the Council’s regret “that the informal meeting in Geneva under the auspices of the United Nations did not open the way for the resumption of formal negotiations” on the Cyprus issue, specifying that the European Union “will continue” to play an active role in supporting the process.
It also refers to a resumption of “work at technical level for the modernization of the EU-Turkey Customs Union” and underlines the need to remedy the “current difficulties” in its implementation.
Regarding the migration crisis, the European Council “takes note of the Commission’s proposal to continue funding Syrian refugees and host communities in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon and calls for its rapid adoption”.

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