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Arg’s Monopoly is an Obstacle for Intra-Afghan Dialogue

Feature: Arg’s Monopoly is an Obstacle for Intra-Afghan Dialogue

Recently, US and Taliban representatives in Doha discussed a plan to reduce violence in Afghanistan. However, the lack of internal consensus on the plan is one of the major challenges for the intra-Afghan talks. Moreover, the monopoly and authority dispute between the citizens, CEO office, Arg and politicians continues.
The presidential palace rejected the peace talks agreements and called it the continuation of conflict but on the other side the CEO office which a fifty percent stakeholder in National Unity Government (NUG) supported this peace talks and blamed the presidential palace to monopolize authority.
Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah at Council of Ministers meeting criticized president Ghani’s stance on peace talks. He said that if all peace efforts were centered on one person or one ministry, it would be unacceptable.
He reiterated the importance of the inclusion of people’s representatives in the peace talks and said that the peace negotiating team must be comprehensive so that it can represent all Afghans.
The CEO office, political parties and politicians emphasize the inclusiveness of the negotiation team in order to pave the way for smooth power distribution in future.
Recently Ex-President Hamid Karzai criticized the Arg’s view of a plan to reduce violence and peace talks and argued that Arg should not hinder the start of intra-Afghan talks under the pretext of a ceasefire.
Karzai has also called on President Ghani to come up with plan for an intra-Afghan dialogues rather than being an obstacle to the peace process.
Meanwhile, President Ghani’s electoral team has emphasized the ceasefire and set it as a precondition for peace talks. They believe that the reeducation of violence means continuing war in the country, but reducing the violence can open the way for a general ceasefire and the start of intra-Afghan negotiations.
Meanwhile, Arg created a state-run ministry of peace to monopolize the peace process, saying the peace talks would be conducted from the ministry’s address. On the other hand, the Taliban have been reluctant to negotiate with current government that is accused of monopolizing power. Nevertheless, the group has so far held talks with leaders of some political parties and prominent political figures in the absence of Afghan government representative on the peace process abroad.
In words of President Ghani, the plan proposed by US-Taliban talks in Qatar is not a lasting peace but a transient and accelerated peace, and he says it will not benefit the Afghan people or the country. But does he really understand the pain of the nation and is he aware of the deadly suffering of the oppressed people?
As a matter of fact, Ghani is suffering from the worst days of his political life. He has been unable to cure the nation’s pains, nor solve the nation’s growing problems, but has been creating more problems since his reign. The escalating crisis in his tenure has put the country in a state of destruction.
Ghani, these days, instead of admitting his incompetence as a leader, screams and shouts, as if he thinks the world is burning with these noises or that his sadness is being removed.
Instead of presenting a plan, he has made unrealistic claims and thinks he is seeking to distort the true peace of the country by creating anxiety in public opinion and because he is in a state of extreme fascination.
Except for him, it is only him who has the suffering of the nation or is he alone the head of the war-ravaged country sufficiently contradictory in practice to realize how illusive he is and suffer from mental illness.
The reason why the President Ghani is afraid of peace is obvious because Taliban are not ready to negotiate with a government that is under his authority, and he is thinking about the future of his administration.
If lasting peace is pursued and the constitution of the country is followed, current administration will be replaced with a new government. But that is what Ghani does not want and, therefore, he is trying to hinder the process. Thus, he is the enemy of the true peace in the country, fearful of lasting and genuine peace, and constantly opposing it.
So, neither Ghan’s fear is important, nor his shouts, but what is important to our oppressed nation is the salvation of the country from the grip of insecurity and the insurance of lasting peace.
By analyzing the decisions of the Arg and the behavior of the president and his circle, we come to the conclusion that the Arg does not want peace and pursues everything from the narrow viewpoint of a limited number of people. Now, it is up to the other politicians to come to terms with their wisdom and provide the conditions that can save society from the crisis of war and insecurity.
(Sahar News)

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