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Feature, Ghani’s Dealing with the Bullies and the Outlaws

Feature: Ghani’s Dealing with the Bullies and the Outlaws

There are sharp contradictions between the slogan and practice of President Ashraf Ghani’s “Dawlat Saz” (State-building) team. Ghani’s motto for the upcoming presidential election is not to deal with the bullies and the outlaws but in practice it has links and contacts with them.
If this slogan of the Dawlat Saz team is analyzed by keeping the behavior of the members of the team in consideration, the reality will be revealed easily. The facts will be revealed even if some small questions could be answered honestly by the team:
When will you shun the bully and the outlaws – before the election, now or after the election?
Which ethnicity’s bully do you disagree with and which do you agree with?
In which list are Zardad Faryadi, Farouq Wardak, Mula Tarakhel, Nuristani, Kamran Ali Zai, Delaware, Firoozi, Qaysari and Akhtar Mohammad Ibrahim Khel?
In the view of “Dawlat Saz” team, what is the way to transition to a pluralistic and multicultural society that has a respect for law and order in a fragile country like Afghanistan that is trapped in a cycle of war and violence, corruption, tyranny, and lawlessness?
In the turbulent history of Afghanistan, where the international, national and regional powers have vied for control and power, and where constant conflicts have given birth to a failed state, the need for the people of Afghanistan is a modern state based on legitimate and modern legal values.
Now Ghani, in the ongoing process of election, is leaning towards US and foreign powers or, according to Rahmatullah Nabel, the former head of NDS, Ghani is hungry for a position in the government, while the country experiences citizens’ corpses falling from the Badakhshan Mountains to the Nangarhar’s green valleys and the lowlands of Nangarhar and Kunduz. In such a confused state of affairs, the Dawlat Saz team seems to have no program but to make conspiracy to cling to authority.
Combating with the bullies and law-breakers, one of the slogans of the governing electoral team led by Ashraf Ghani, who propagates it with emotions, is one of the most important priorities of achieving a law-based modern government.
Ashraf Ghani whispers the slogan of state-building from the throats of his illegal government and plays a tug-of-war with his own associates and members of National Unity Government (NUG). While his fight against the outlaws has been an eye-wash. He only took some steps to show to the people that he was actually fighting against them but in reality his measures proved to be temporary and futile.
Nizamuddin Qaysari’s case is an example of the Arg’s association with the law-violating powerful people. He was arrested from the north on charges of conspiracy, murder, money laundering and rape. But Ghani ignored Qaisari’s past; he used him against Dostum while working with Arg. All of his cases were cleared by the Supreme Court and overnight he declared his stand against Dostum, in an unexpected speech. Will the Afghan people then accept the slogan of Ghani’s team or trust them for another tenure?
(Sahar News)

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