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Feature: Where Does Ghani Stand After Controversial Interview?

Ghani’s exclusive interview with Tolo News revealed the real face of the ‘King of the Arg’ to the people of Afghanistan.
No doubt, after Ashraf Ghani has come to power, he has shown, contrary to what he claims, that he is weak, emotional, with no clear strategy, practices exaggeration, and is personality-driven. The prove was evident when Ghani did not provide a clear, convincing and logical answers to most of the questions that were asked of him in his interview.
Ghani’s nervousness during the interview indicated that he did not expect such questions and that most of the questions were raised without coordination with him.
He also pointed out this during the conversation, when the anchor wanted to interrupt him, he angrily said, “Will you talk to me as promised, or let’s end this interview now.”
President Ghani appeared in a sense of helplessness and inability to speak, and did not seem to realize the situation. It was as if he expected the channel, like national television, to talk to him like his disciples, and the programmer would ask him pre-prepared questions so that he could elaborate his ‘unique record and achievements’.
President Ghani, in a pathetic illusion, has changed history and says that when he came to power, Afghanistan was a country immersed in corruption, insecurity, misery and lawlessness, but since he took responsibility, it has made progress and achieved excellence and is now a country on the path of development.
President Ghani, in a one and half hour interview in which he addressed various aspects about peace, security, economy and law, governance did not give a precise and measured statement.
He proved that he has no plans or strategy, and he only wants to infiltrate the public mind with his rhetoric and ‘words of wisdom’. How could he expect that despite the level of facilities that he has provided to the people and the racial and ethnic issues that he has unfortunately pioneered, he would be able to get away with the difficult questions that were put forward to him. His interview was his greatest political defeat – a failure that reduced almost all of his election campaigns to nearly zero despite so much expenses.
President Ghani did not appear in the conversation as a person who is in charge of a country because he was asked about security issues, terrorist influence into Kabul and major cities, unrestricted government burdens and judicial issues, while he was not able to give satisfying and clear answers to such questions, he passed it on to other institutions, saying, “Ask others who are responsible for these issues.” But if government agencies in their country are to do whatever they want, and be hypothetically and unrealistically responsible for their actions towards the people, what does someone in the name of the head of state mean do? What and who does President Ghani lead? What are his qualifications and duties? While, in fact President Ghani has strived to bring the whole country under his control through undue centralization and has done whatever he wants in these five years.
He has not done anything remarkable for the constitution in the past five years. He has done no effective work to change Afghanistan’s economic condition. The accomplishments that he claims have not been carried out by him, in fact. Even the restoration of Darulaman Palace was underway during Karzai Administration. President Ghani allowed a half-ruined repair with $20 million of Agha Khan Foundation and wanted to create the impression that it was for the country’s reconstruction.
The palace has been refurbished over the decades, and may be done so in the years to. Of course, this does not mean ignoring what happened to this historic palace in the 1990’s. At that time, most of Kabul was destroyed and burned in civil war. But once they returned, they repaired and rebuilt their buildings without holding any demonstrations.
There is no doubt that Afghanistan has changed in the past eighteen years, but these changes are in no way an achievement of Ghani administration. Neither he was able to prove so during his interview, wherein he completely seemed restless and even angry at certain points. His gestures illustrated his self-centered and ethnocentric nature. While his answers were not able to conceal his actions that have been taken contrary to his election promises that said ‘no Afghan is better than other Afghans’.
When President Ghani was asked to explain his three major mistakes, his vision was truly remarkable. He even wanted to get up. He didn’t know what to say. He was confronted with a question he didn’t even think of. He hesitated and said, “It’s interesting,” and didn’t really answer that question. He did not say what mistakes he made.This is the characteristic of dictators who never see their wrong doing. Similarly, President Ghani sees no weaknesses in his administration.
Ghani’s remarks about peace talks with Taliban had no message. He didn’t know where is our position in this process. He says that after years of his efforts, there is now a national consensus on peace. It doesn’t make any sense and is the most inaccurate statement a person can make. There has always been a consensus on peace, but the exact mechanism and program for its implementation have been lacking by governments, including President Ghani’s government.
In this Interview, Presient Ghani revealed his hidden intention to seize power. He does not want security in Afghanistan at all because he sees war and killing as a benefit to his government. Even Taliban are right about Ghani’s intentions of preventing peace talks.
President Ghani wants to disseminate the illusion that if he is not in power, Afghanistan will go back to Najibullah’s or 90’s era. He wants to ensure the continuation of his dictatorial and illegitimate rule by creating fear in the people. However, he is not able prove how. By using examples and facts and figures that are mostly obsolete, he wants to show how history requires him to be the savior of the nation; nevertheless, the realistic historical evidences will always depict him as a person not ready to sacrifice a position of authority for peace in the country and betterment of the nation.
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