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The forgotten promises of NUG

The Forgotten Promises of NUG

More than four years have passed since the formation of National Unity Government (NUG). President Ghani had made many promises to the people at the beginning of NUG, but now analysts and people say many issues remain unresolved; particularly, security has worsened in these four years, and poverty and unemployment have also increased.
The NUG has had its own achievements and disappointments over the past four years. Under the rule of NUG, Taliban managed to crush the cities and force the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) to retreat from the villages. During this period, due to the war and insecurity, the families left their residents and were displaced internally. While the weakness of government administration was the main factor behind the spread of insecurity, the government says since Afghanistan is in the war on international terrorism and at least 20 terrorist groups are active in Afghanistan, the insecurity has persisted in the country.
Afghan citizens say the promises made to the people by the rich president were not implemented and the security situation is far worse than before.
Ahmed Saidi, a political analyst, says: “The promises were not fulfilled. Every day, security deteriorates. The people are all fleeing. Now the security situation is so bad that people can not send their children to school.”
Four years ago, the people’s least hope was that the government would improve security to a certain extent. But during the four years of the NUG this desire has not been met. During this four-year period, the nation witnessed the fall of Kunduz province twice, the collapse of Ghazni and widespread wars in Farah, Sar-i-Pul, Faryab and elsewhere in Afghanistan, indicating that the security situation worsened. In addition to the Taliban, Daesh has now added serious security concerns.
President Ghani, during the 2014 election campaign, announced for the creation of a million jobs for young people; however, the that promise has also been forgotten. There are no clear indications of how and where those jobs have been created. The situation shows that unemployment has further deteriorated and Afghan youth are being caught in the clutches of drugs and terrorism. Moreover, many young and talented people opted to leave the country for better job prospects, or even for finding a proper livelihood.
Mohammad Shafiq, a resident of Kabul, is a civil activist, who talks about the situation in the following manner: “In the four-year reign of NUG, we did not see anything happening for youth. The young people all travel to other countries for employment. We did not see anything positive happening for the people; what we experienced included suicide bombing, abduction and robbery.”
Expansion of relations with neighboring countries, security and consolidation of the country’s economic foundations were among the priorities of Ashraf Ghani during his campaign. Now, many people and experts are of the view that they have not any of these promises materialize.
The good governance, which was another of Ashraf Ghani’s promises, is also questioned by some. And, some political analysts believe that the root causes of corruption that have been hampering good governance remain persistent, even among the ranks of NUG itself.
Another slogan of Ashraf Ghani was the national consensus, that never happened. Every country needs to go through trouble with a national consensus – a decision that is favored by every major stakeholder in the country. Unfortunately, Ashraf Ghani did not make any effort in this regard. He did not keep the team that had been involved in the election with him. Ahmad Zia Massoud, Karim Khalili, Hanif Atmar, and even his first vice president, Dostum, all of them were somehow distanced by Ghani because of his individualistic approach towards the administration of affairs.
Because of the above-mentioned promises that were never fulfilled, the nation is tired of the government. People want a better alternative. They hate false promises; they want their country to come out of this deplorable state. They are in search of better leadership and better commitments by the new leadership. Promises alone will not satiate them this time, unfortunately, Ghani’s team this time as well just have the same empty promises.
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