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Ghani Accepts Trump’s Invitation to Visit US

Ghani Accepts Trump’s Invitation to Visit US

KABUL – President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani accepted President Donald Trump’s invitation to visit the United States, the Presidential Palace said.
According to Sediqqi, President Ghani briefed Trump about his “seven-point peace plan” for the Afghan government, and President Trump emphasized the need for a ceasefire as a precondition for peace. Trump also said that in order for the peace process to succeed, the Afghan government’s management and involvement are needed and must begin from now on.
According to Sediqqi, the two leaders also discussed the Afghan government’s 7-point peace plan. “In response, President Trump insisted on a ceasefire as precondition before negotiations.”
President Trump also stated that for any process to succeed, the Afghan government’s inclusion in the talks and their ownership and leadership of the process from the outset is imperative, which must begin immediately, Sediqqi added.
He also added “Finally, the US president extended an invitation to President Ghani to visit the White House, which the president accepted.”
The two leaders also Afghan security and defense forces, Sediqqi said, with both sides praising the progress made by the Afghan security and defense forces in various areas, notably the defeat of the Daesh group in Nangarhar province.
President Ghani visited Nangarhar province on Tuesday, saying the “elimination” of Daesh in the province is a major achievement for Afghanistan, the region and the world.
In recent years, Nangarhar has been named a key Daesh base in Afghanistan.
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