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Johnson Visits Luxembourg, Announces Brexit Agreement

LUXEMBOURG – British Prime minister Boris Johnson said on Monday that an agreement on Brexit was beginning to emerge, but the EU said it was proposing nothing to break the stalemate during a visit to Luxembourg, where he had been harangued aloud by the protesters and reprimanded for trying to reverse the blame, Reuters reported Tuesday
“Do not make the EU the bad guy,” said Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel after a meeting with Johnson, describing the uncertainty surrounding the timing and conditions of Britain’s exit from the European Union as a “nightmare”.
The British Prime Minister joined Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, for lunch at the Bouquet Garni restaurant, an 18th-century building with bare stone walls and low ceilings in the heart of medieval Luxembourg.
Since the start of his visit, Johnson was heckled by dozens of Britons, including many retirees living in Luxembourg, hoisting, chanting and holding banners in front of the restaurant.
The crowd and boos swelled when he met Bettel, where at least 50 protesters waiting behind the doors created a scene that seemed out of place in the normally quiet centre of Luxembourg.
There were songs of “fascist!”, “Stop it!” Tell the truth! “And” shame Boris “, and protesters broadcast music tracks including the anthem” Ode to Joy “from the EU and” I can not get no satisfaction.”
Johnson had to address the journalists alongside Bettel in court after their meeting, but he left immediately, claiming that it would not be fair for the Luxembourg Prime Minister to hold a press conference in the middle of an outcry of protests.
There are only seven weeks left before Britain leaves the EU, but Johnson has yet to reach an agreement with Brussels on managing the separation between the world’s fifth-largest economy and its main trading partner.
Johnson hopes that an agreement on Brexit can be reached at a European summit on October 17 and 18.
“Yes, there’s a good chance for an agreement, yes, I can see the shape, everyone can see roughly what could be done,” he told reporters after his meetings in Luxembourg.
However, the European Commission said that London had not proposed Irish support alternative that would have impeded agreement on the release of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, giving a darker reading of the meeting between Juncker and Johnson.
Johnson reiterated that Britain would leave the European Union on the date of the divorce, whether or not a transaction, October 31, without asking for any delay.
However, his office indicated that it had been agreed during the lunch in Luxembourg that the discussions with a view to reaching an agreement would intensify.
At lunch, Juncker told Johnson that he had to come up with viable proposals to replace the Brexit safety net.
“President Juncker reiterated that it is incumbent on the United Kingdom to propose legally-operational solutions compatible with the withdrawal agreement,” the European Commission said in a statement, referring to the agreement reached in May. “Such proposals have not been made yet.”
Bettel took a tougher line in his remarks after escorting Johnson, urging the British prime minister to “stop talking and acting” and stop trying to blame the EU for the consequences of a decision made by the British people in 2016 Referendum on Brexit.
Negotiations would be brought to a political level – between EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier and Brexit UK Secretary Stephen Barclay – from the technical discussions in recent weeks and meetings would be held daily.
The future of the land border between Ireland, a member of the European Union and the British province of Northern Ireland, is at the heart of the disagreement that opposes Johnson and the EU and between the United Kingdom legislature. The British parliament has three times rejected an agreement negotiated by its predecessor, Theresa May, which included the so-called backstop mechanism to keep the border open.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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