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Military Force an Option to Stop Taiwan’s Fight for Independence: China

BEIJING – China to attack Taiwan if there is no other way to prevent it from becoming independent, one of the country’s highest generals said on Friday.
Speaking at the Great Hall of the Peoples of Beijing on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the anti-secession law, Li Zuocheng, head of the Joint Staff Department and member of the Central Military Commission, left the door open to the use of force.
The 2005 law provides the country with a legal basis for military action against Taiwan if it secedes or appears to be on the verge of secession.
“If the possibility of peaceful reunification is lost, the people’s armed forces, along with the whole country, including the people of Taiwan, will take all necessary measures to resolutely break any plot or separatist action,” said Li.
“We do not promise to abandon the use of force and we reserve the right to take all necessary measures to stabilize and control the situation in the Taiwan Strait,” he added.
Taiwan is China’s most sensitive territorial issue. Beijing says it is one of the Chinese provinces and an inalienable part of “one China”.
China is deeply suspicious of Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, whom she accuses of being a separatist determined to declare official independence. Tsai says that Taiwan is already an independent country called the Republic of China, its official name.
Tsai and his Progressive Democratic Party won the presidential and parliamentary elections by a landslide in January, promising to stand up to Beijing.
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