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Munib Claims He Was Physically Assaulted in Arg

Munib Claims He Was Physically Assaulted in Arg

KABUL – Afghanistan’s acting minister for Hajj and religious affairs, Abdul Hakim Munib, has claimed that he was physically assaulted by strongmen in presidential palace on Friday.
Munib was humiliated and physically assaulted by six strongmen including former member of parliament, Mullah Tarakhil Mohammadi, and two incumbent MPs, a statement from Hajj ministry said.
The minister was in the mosque of presidential palace to offer the weekly Friday prayer when the incident took place.
Others who attacked Munib were MPs Shah Wazir, Haji Khan Tarakhil, Mullah Tarakhil, Mullah Tarakhil’s three relatives including his brother Dadullah, according to the statement.
The statement didn’t detail what was the motive behind the attack. It said that the strongmen had previously sought to force acting minister Munib to accept their illegitimate and illegal demands.
The statement urged President Ashraf Ghani to seriously investigate the incident and prosecute the culprits.
(Sahar News)

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