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Ghani Using Democracy as the Basis for His Survival


Many political pundits in Afghanistan have come to the conclusion that President Ashraf Ghani has been using the call for a democratic system as a means of staying in power and using it as a deterrent to threats aimed at his political power. For him it does not make any …

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Can Federal System be a Panacea for Afghanistan?

federal system in Afghanistan

Afghanistan, a country that has historically been home to different ethnic groups, has experienced different systems during different periods. Some systems have worked in Afghanistan for certain reasons, even brought political stability and garnered two-dimensional support (internal and external) for years. While some other systems have not even been able …

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Heart of Asia Conference and Prospects of Peace in Afghanistan

Heart of Asia Istanbul Process

While the United States is facing a dilemma over the current situation in Afghanistan, the ninth Heart of Asia Summit – Istanbul Process (HOA-IP) has begun in Dushanbe, Tajikistan and will last for two days. This time, the theme of the conference is “Strengthening the Consensus for Peace and Development” …

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Moscow Meeting, Peace Prospects and Ghani’s Foul Play

Moscow Meeting

Afghan and Taliban delegations met with representatives of the United States, Russia, China and Pakistan at a one-day meeting in Moscow to review the Afghan peace process. The countries participating in the Moscow summit issued a statement on Thursday (March 18th) emphasizing the need to fulfill the Afghan people’s desire …

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Blinken’s Letter and Ghani’s Political Games


Last week, US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken wrote a letter to Afghan leadership. Between the lines of this letter, the voice of complaints about Ghani can be clearly heard. It is similar to Khalilzad’s complaints about Ghani’s arguments, Karzai and Sayyaf’s complaints, and political figures’ complaints about Ghani’s monopoly, …

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The Failure of “America First” Policy

Failure of US First policy

A year ago, the United States signed a deal with the Taliban, and paved the way for intra-Afghan talks, which could not proceed as expected because it was not comprehensive enough. This deal was signed because of the urgency showed by Donald Trump and his “America First” policy, and the …

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The Uncertain Strategy of US and NATO in Afghanistan


On February 17 and 18, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) defense ministers held a virtual conference. One of the highlights of this roundtable was the assessment of the current situation in Afghanistan. NATO defense ministers must decide whether or not to leave Afghanistan within the framework of the February …

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Pakistan’s New Approach to Peace in Afghanistan

Pakistan new approach to peace in Afghanistan

For the last few years, Pakistan has made sincere efforts for an Afghan-led peace process. In this regard, it is important to see that Pakistan is approaching to all the stakeholders in Afghanistan, particularly, the leaders of different ethnic groups. The country recently invited Ahmad Wali Massoud, head of the …

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Who Hinders Peace in Afghanistan?


The government and the Taliban have made no progress in the second phase of peace talks. The main reason for this is the transfer of political power in Washington and the ambiguity about the new US administration’s approach to the Doha Agreement. The Taliban have also unilaterally left the peace …

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Afghanistan Can Learn Much from Democracy in the US

Afghanistan can learn from democracy in the US

The inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States, along with Kamala Harris as the first woman and the first South Asian American as vice president, was another historic day for American democracy. Drawing parallels between the United States and Afghanistan may seem strange to many, …

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