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Prospects of Pak-Afghan Trade

Prospects of Pak-Afghan Trade

Afghanistan and Pakistan as neighboring countries, with around 2,600 km long border, rely on each other to a great extent; particularly, in the domain of their trade requirements. Afghanistan, being dominated by insecurity for more than four decades now, does not have strong economic system and requires to import most …

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Pak-Afghan Bonding Relations

Pak-Afghan bonding relations

Historically, instability in Afghanistan is not only restricted to its boundaries but affected the whole region. Countries that are directly affected by volatility in Afghanistan are monitoring the situation with great interest. It is because the US has already decreased the number of troops in the country to 2,500 and …

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President Ghani’s Selective Approach Against Corruption

corruption in Afghanistan

The new Afghanistan, after the fall of the Islamic Emirate, has been plagued by all kinds of financial, administrative and moral corruption. Over the past two decades, the sheer scale of corruption has taken its toll on Afghanistan’s institutions, bureaucracy, and national budgets and resources, and Afghanistan is now a …

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Saleh’s Incapacity and Unwillingness to Ensure Security

Saleh's incapacity and unwillingness to ensure Kabul's security

By Zeba Noori Insecurity, bombings, targeted assassinations, armed robberies, the detonation of magnetic mines and, from time to time, rocket fires on different parts of Kabul are the emerging scenes of the capital’s deteriorating security situation. This is while Amrullah Saleh, the former head of National Director of Security (NDS) …

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Increasing Security Concerns in Kabul

Increasing security concerns in Kabul

The increase in target killing, armed robberies and killings of innocent civilians has infuriated the citizens of Kabul and the existing deteriorating situation has created a great challenge for the government. The inhabitants of all major cities in Afghanistan, particularly Kabul, complain about the intensifying insecurity and accuse the security …

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Is Afghanistan Closer to Peace Now?

Is Afghanistan closer to peace now

In recent days, two important events have taken place in connection with the peace process in Afghanistan, which is considered as a new beginning for the peace process. Firstly, the Republican team in the Doha and the Taliban agreed on the basic principles of peace talks, which will pave the …

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US Withdrawal from Afghanistan

US withdrawal from Afghanistan

Continuation of war for years and now stalemate in the peace process in Afghanistan have left American officials with two bad options: to support a corrupt and hopeless Afghan government indefinitely, or to admit defeat and go home, leaving the country to its fate. After 19 years of US war …

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Ineffectiveness of Foreign Aid in Afghanistan

Ineffectiveness of foreign aid in Afghanistan

The issue of attracting financial assistance from foreign countries and organizations to rebuild the economic infrastructure and state-building in Afghanistan has been one of the most important and worrying topics for the last two decades. If in the early days of the new political arena and the new government, the …

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India’s Negative Role in Afghan Peace Process

India's Negative Role in Afghan Peace Process

By Zeba Noori India and Pakistan have long competed to expand their influence in Afghanistan. However, the recent developments have shown that Pakistan is exercising that influence through a positive approach by supporting the peace process, while India is playing the role of a spoiler; particularly, after Pakistan was able …

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The Impact of US Election Result on Afghanistan

Impacts of US election result on Afghanistan

Few countries have been as affected by the recent US foreign policy initiatives as Afghanistan. The country was once backed by Washington during the Cold War, then left to the brink of civil war; then, it was liberated from the rule of strict and authoritarian Talibanism, and during the Obama …

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