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Feature: Ghani’s Peace Plan is Unrealistic and Impracticable

Ghani’s Peace Plan is Unrealistic and Impracticable

Ghani’s peace plan that he has made after five years of his administration seems to be unrealistic in current situation that has caused concern among Afghan people. Peace plan is something that prescribes practical functions in a given domain. But what President Ghani has written is unfortunately not an effective …

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Presidential Election Conundrum

Presidential Election Conundrum

As per Afghan election’s standard operating procedure, the President of Afghanistan is elected using the two-round system; if no candidate receives 50+1 of the votes in the first round, a second round will be held featuring the top two candidates. Independent Election Commission (IEC) delayed preliminary results of Presidential elections, …

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Feature: Role of Media in Election Process

Role of Media in Election Process

In the modern world, media is a mean of conveying the messages of political groups and organizations to citizens. And using media, political parties and groups seek to increase their influence in public opinion by expanding their reach. This reach out is particularly increased at election time. Today, the role …

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Feature: Validating Non-biometric Votes in Counting Process

Validating Non-biometric Votes in Counting Process

The way the presidential election was held in the country is getting more and more controversial. The leaders of Presidential Tickets each claim to have received more votes and victory at press conferences or appear in the media and sometimes insult each another. On social media such as Facebook pages …

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Feature: Revelations Regarding Electioneering in Afghanistan

Feature: The Role of National, International Observers in the Transparency of Elections

The facts and events in Afghanistan clearly show that there are efforts underway regarding electioneering in upcoming presidential election, especially by those who must the guardians of democracy and democratic institutions. An official from Independent Election Commission (IEC) Afghanistan recently said that the report by security institutions about the closure …

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Feature: Corruption by Arg via NPA

Corruption by Arg via NPA

The National Unity Government (NUG) established the National Procurement Authority (NPA) five years ago for the sake of transparency and the fight against administrative corruption. Afghan people welcomed the establishment of this commission because about 2% of GDP is consumed through the public procurement system. The government focused most of …

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Feature: Ghani’s Dealing with the Bullies and the Outlaws

Feature, Ghani’s Dealing with the Bullies and the Outlaws

There are sharp contradictions between the slogan and practice of President Ashraf Ghani’s “Dawlat Saz” (State-building) team. Ghani’s motto for the upcoming presidential election is not to deal with the bullies and the outlaws but in practice it has links and contacts with them. If this slogan of the Dawlat …

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Feature: Afghanistan, 18 Years After 9/11

Feature: Afghanistan 18 Years After 9/11

18 Years have passed since the incident of 9/11. The United States, which claimed that the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization was responsible for the attacks on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and the US Department of Defense building – the Pentagon, invaded Afghanistan less than a month later …

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