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Ghani-Saleh Regime Policy Implications for the Neighbours

Acting Minister Investigated, Banned from Leaving Country

By: Jawad Sadiq Fitrat Dr Ashraf Ghani has been declared winner in presidential election’s preliminary result announcement. Since his last tenure as Afghan president, Ashraf Ghani has proved to stay as “Theorist-in-Chief” as was dubbed by George Packer in his article ‘Afghanistan’s Theorist-in-Chief’ published in New York Times in June …

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Feature: Violation of Constitution by NUG in Last Five Years

Violation of Constitution by NUG in Last Five Years

Sixteen years have passed since the establishment of Afghan Constitution. According to many legal analysts, the Afghan constitution, despite its shortcomings, is one of the most advanced in the region. Sixteen years ago, after the fall of the Taliban regime and the beginning of new political era, the Afghan people …

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Hindutva Will Widen the Gap Between Afghanistan and India


By Zeba Noori Afghanistan is an Islamic republic, where most of the inhabitants are Muslims. It is one of the countries that has strong roots within the Islamic civilizations that thrived in Khurasan, Persia and Indian Subcontinent. Therefore, its people have strong cultural roots in Islamic traditions and practices. In …

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Assessing Chinese New Efforts for Peace in Afghanistan

Assessing Chinas Role in Afghanistan

By Amjad Khan Afridi Taliban’s peace talks with Trump Administration’s special envoy Zalmai Khalilzad remained inconclusive in September 2019 when US President Donald Trump backed out in the wake of series of Kabul bombings the same months. Taliban claimed responsibility for the deadly bombings in Kabul that left many astonished …

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India’s Cultural Battle of Panipat

India's cultural battle of Panipat

By: Amjad Khan Afridi Culture is an integral part of human societies as is a shared aspect of human civilizations. However, each human group has its distinct culture and cultural traits that are deep rooted in its civilization and history. The region of South Asia that constitutes Indian Subcontinent today …

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Feature: Security Forces Should Not be Used for Political Purposes

Security Forces Should Not be Used for Political Purposes

As the election crisis deepens in Afghanistan, with transparent vote-counting process not in sight, some of the candidates running for the election are likely to invite their supporters to sit in front of the Independent Election Commission’s (IEC’s) provincial offices as protest. Protesters in some provinces may close the gates …

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Feature: IEC Should Address the Valid Demands of the Candidates

IEC Should Address the Valid Demands of the Candidates

The halted presidential vote recount in Afghanistan was resumed by IEC after about three days of suspension due to the protesters’ demands. The talks did not work out, and the commission restarted the recounting process. Many candidates oppose the recount process, and disputes remain. Protesters have warned that they will …

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Feature: Ghani’s Peace Plan is Unrealistic and Impracticable

Ghani’s Peace Plan is Unrealistic and Impracticable

Ghani’s peace plan that he has made after five years of his administration seems to be unrealistic in current situation that has caused concern among Afghan people. Peace plan is something that prescribes practical functions in a given domain. But what President Ghani has written is unfortunately not an effective …

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Presidential Election Conundrum

Presidential Election Conundrum

As per Afghan election’s standard operating procedure, the President of Afghanistan is elected using the two-round system; if no candidate receives 50+1 of the votes in the first round, a second round will be held featuring the top two candidates. Independent Election Commission (IEC) delayed preliminary results of Presidential elections, …

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