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Pakistan welcomes the political deal between Abdullah and Ghani

Pakistan Welcomes Ghani and Abdullah’s Political Deal

KABUL – Pakistan welcomed the signing of a political agreement between Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah in a bid to the end political impasse.
“Pakistan welcomes the signing of the agreement between political leaders in Kabul today regarding formation of inclusive government and High Council of National Reconciliation,” Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement.
The statement further added, “At this critical juncture, it is vitally important that all Afghan leaders work together constructively in the supreme interest of the Afghan people and help bring lasting peace and stability to the country affected by decades of violence and conflict.”
Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry also added that the US-Taliban Peace Agreement has created a historic opportunity, which must be seized by all Afghan stakeholders to advance the goals of peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan.
“It is critical that the Intra-Afghan negotiations commence at the earliest, culminating in a comprehensive and inclusive political settlement in Afghanistan,” the statement said, adding, “All Afghan parties must honour their respective commitments, work with perseverance and sense of common purpose, and also guard against the machinations of any spoilers, from within and without.”
Ghani and Abdullah signed an agreement on Sunday to end the political impasse which intensified following the controversial announcement of presidential elections.
Both Ghani and Abdullah took oath of the office in March which further sparked tensions on political level in the country.
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