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Pakistan to Seek US RoZs at Pak-Afghan Border Areas

Pakistan to Seek US RoZs at Pak-Afghan Border Areas

ISLAMABAD – Islamabad will, this time, ask US administration to restore the idea of building up the ROZs (Reconstruction Opportunity Zones) like facilitations at Pakistan-Afghanistan bordering areas.
Apart from it, Pakistan will also suggest US authorities to activate the TIFA (Trade and Investment Framework Agreement) council and then restart process of talks on bilateral investment treaty (BIT), Adviser to Pakistan’s Prime Minister on Commerce, Textile, Industry and Production and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood told to The News in an exclusive interview.
During Musharraf regime in Pakistan, US came with idea of building ROZs on Pakistan-Afghanistan bordering areas to ensure jobs for the people of areas preventing them not to play at the hands of militants, but that idea was mishandled by the then economic ministry as Pakistan had started asking US authorities to build ROZs in developed areas because of which US did not respond positively.
The US had given the ROZs idea in Pakistan while keeping in view the model under which bordering areas among Egypt, Jordon and Israel where such facilitations are already built and giving dividends to the people of the said bordering areas.
The Pakistani adviser who will leave for Washington DC on September 19 and will join entourage of the Pakistni PM in USA said, “Now we will re-float the idea for building the industrial facilities on pattern of earlier proposed model of RoZs at Pakistan-Afghanistan bordering areas to ensure the job opportunities for the youth on both sides of the border.
“From those facilities, the products will be manufactured and exported to US market on zero duty. This will not only help increase the export of both the countries but also ensure jobs on reasonable scale.
“US wants withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and after that, if the facilitations like RoZs are built, the youth of the said areas, instead of playing in the hands of subversive elements, will remain in positive activities and earn the livelihood. This will also ensure peace in war-ravaged country on long-term basis,” he said.
Dawood also said, “We want Afghanistan to become industrialized as the prosperous Afghanistan is in the supreme interests of Pakistan.”
(Sahar News)

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