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Pakistan’s first Pashto web-series to be launched soon

Pakistan’s First Pashto Web-Series to Be Launched Soon

ISLAMABAD – RINSTRA, in collaboration with Classic Broadcasting, produces the very first Pashto web series for its digital platform www.rinstra.com.
“GUDAI” is a short web series that addresses the issue of child marriage in society. The series is written and directed by Bakht Rawan Bakht.
The series features new and emerging artists from the Pashtun community like Manadar Sadiq, Bibi Shereena, Shabana Azmi, Roma and Adnan Bakht on a leading role.
The series sets a new milestone for Pashto content enthusiasts, both content creators and consumers. The poor quality and unrealistic plot presents a side of Pakhtun culture that is in dissonance with the one that many Pukhtun want to present to the world.
The women are objectified and the men own both the gun and the girl, a draw for young people who do not have much entertainment.
With “GUDAI”, RINSTRA and Classic Broadcasting will push the industry to improve the quality of storytelling and production in order to revive the Pashtun film and fiction industry, especially for the platform economy.

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