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Pakistan new approach to peace in Afghanistan

Pakistan’s New Approach to Peace in Afghanistan

For the last few years, Pakistan has made sincere efforts for an Afghan-led peace process. In this regard, it is important to see that Pakistan is approaching to all the stakeholders in Afghanistan, particularly, the leaders of different ethnic groups. The country recently invited Ahmad Wali Massoud, head of the Martyr Massoud Foundation, to meet with officials to discuss current issues. The purpose of the visit was to strengthen and accelerate peace efforts, build trust and expand friendly relations between the two countries and the people in order to establish a just peace. Massoud Foundation is established in the memory of Ahmad Shah Massoud, a national hero in Afghanistan and an anti-Taliban figure; while Ahmad Wali Massoud is Ahmad Shah Massoud’s brother. This clearly shows that Pakistan is interested in supporting all the stakeholders in Afghanistan for a lasting peace in the country.
Earlier, as a first step after the start of peace talks, Pakistan invited Abdullah Abdullah, Chairman of the High Council of National Reconciliation, to an unprecedented reception by Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, which was great milestone in Pakistan’s relations towards Afghanistan; clearly, showing intentions of reaching out to all the sections of Afghan society so that the way to an intra-Afghan peace can be paved.
The country then invited political figures, party leaders and members of parliament separately to discuss Afghanistan issues; in particular, the intra-Afghan peace process. As can be seen, Pakistan has entered into direct talks with both the parties to the conflict, and also the US peace envoy Zalmay Khalilzad.
The truth is that Pakistan has been involved in developments and issues related to Afghanistan in recent decades, and considering this, it can be said that without the sincere cooperation of this country and the countries in the region, intra-Afghan peace talks will not be successful.
In the current context, regional integration, especially the sincere cooperation of neighboring countries on the issue of peace, is very important and vital.
Another thing that can help Afghanistan achieve peace in the current situation is the integration of groups and political figures in the country. It is necessary for different stakeholders to renounce violence and try to sit together for negotiation in order to resolve the long-lasting conflicts and pave the way for a system that can at least start a journey towards a self-sufficient political system.
The proponents of the republic system in Afghanistan must also take advantage of the current political situation and work to strengthen the voice of the peace movement in order to see that Afghanistan does not lose the achievements made in the same regard, particularly, in the domain of the rights of women and minorities, and also in developing a working constitution for the country.
Pakistan’s actions clearly depict a change in Pakistan’s approach to Afghanistan and reinforce the hope that Pakistan is now working to help bring peace to the country. The other neighboring countries, learning from Pakistan, should also realize that their sincere support for Afghanistan is required for a lasting peace in the region.
(Sahar News)

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