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IED blast Kabul

Police Ranger Targeted by a Mine Blast in Kabul

Kabul – A policeman was injured in an explosion in Bagh-e-Dawood area, in fifth district of Kabul on Wednesday morning.
Kabul police say the incident was caused by a roadside bomb that exploded while a Ranger car was passing by.
Last week, a similar explosion in Kotal Khairkhana area targeted a mini-bus carrying Ministry of Communications officials, some were killed and a number were injured.
The number of targeted attacks in the capital has increased manifold as the peace talks between Taliban and Afghan government representatives remain stalled in Doha.
Magnetic and roadside IEDs have mainly been used in these attacks in the capital; however, the security agencies remain incapable to stop such attacks, which mostly target the civilians, particularly, journalists and government officials.
(Sahar News)

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